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02 Dragsters - Pro, Semipro

In Memory of John Wenderski   

John Joseph Wenderski, a memorial of a great drag racer. Some awesome pictures and videos of The Black Beauty, and stories.

Outlaw Nitro Alliance   

Front Engine Top Fuel Dragsters.

Smax Smith - European Drag Racing Champion   

This is a very nice website with a full news section and history of Smax Smith and his cars.

Front Engine Dragsters   

A site supporting front engine dragster racers.

Beebe & Mulligan by Hot Rods West   

After months of collecting info and refining text, Dave West announces the definitive Beebe & Mulligan Website.

Combustion Chamber - Nitronic Research AA/FD 5 Second Club   

Recognizing the accomplishments of the first 16 front engine dragster drivers who broke the 5 second barrier.

Geeker Tweaker Race Team Links   

... Racing, jr. dragster race team; Dean Skuza, Funny Car; Spirit Nostalgia Dragster, Nostalgia; Starkotter Racing, FM/Funny Car; Texaco ... www.mikeysoft.com/links/racing-links.htm - 37k -


... Here is Jamie Frankland's "12 Pack", a double engine nostalgia dragster which made its maiden pass at the Desoto Dragway (Bradenton FL) Nostalgia Fall ... www.inliners.org/race/racey.html - 5k -


... Special Branch - the only supercharged Funny Bike in the world Spellbound Information and pictures about Spellbound Drag Race Team Spirit Nostalgia Dragster. ... www.eurodragster.com/links/racers.asp - 42k -

Detroit Iron: Nostalgia Drag Racing & Muscle Car Art: Jackson ...   

... Dave Tedford summed it nicely after crashing in his top fuel nostalgia dragster when he said, "Oh well, that's drag racing!" You will meet Dave in this program ... www.precision-illustration.com/Store_JB_Videos.html - 69k -

Yahoo! Groups : NostalgiaDragRacing Messages : 601-700 of 1916   

... Sat 4/29/2000, 644, Looking to buy a nostalgia dragster, Bill Pratt, Sat 4/29/2000, 645, HELP HELP HELP, DragRaceVideo@a... Wed 5/3/2000, ... groups.yahoo.com/group/NostalgiaDragRacing/ messages/601?viscount=100 - 43k -

Columns - Goin' Deep with Dale - 6/9/03   

... The car will be 200 inches long and will copy the designs of an NHRA A/Nostalgia Dragster, except it will be Barry Grand carbureted, B&M-blown and will carry a ... www.dragracingonline.com/goindeep/v_6-2.html - 15k -

Columns - Goin' Deep with Dale - 9/8/03   

Why not B/ND, C/ND, D/ND? Let's open up the Nostalgia Dragster classes. Photos by Dale Wilson 9/8/03. Dale Wilson is a bracket racing ... www.dragracingonline.com/goindeep/v_9.html - 12k -

Nostalgia Drag Racing - Roadsters.com   

... Nostalgia Drag Racing Associations A/FND — A/Fuel Nostalgia Dragster http://www.afnd.net/. ANRA — American Nostalgia Racing Association http://www.anra.com/. ... www.roadsters.com/ndr/ - 19k - Sep 22, 2003 -

CarJunky.com : Motor Sports : Auto Racing : Drag Racing : ...   

... Links. A Fuel Nostalgia Dragster -Focused on the campaign to restore injected nitromethane front engine dragsters to NHRA's Competition eliminator. ... www.carjunky.com/Motor_Sports/Auto_Racing/ Drag_Racing/Nostalgia/ - 36k -

Drag Racing Site Links - Friends of We Did It For Love   

... Fuel dragster & NHRA A/Nostalgia Dragster. ... A Fuel Nostalgia Dragster Worthwhile movement to establish an injected Nitro dragster class in NHRA ... www.wediditforlove.com/diggers-links.html - 32k -

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