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04 Doorslammers - Pro, Semipro

CCI Motorsports   

Home of the cci motorsports 1957 Buick pro modified, blown hemi powered quickest Buick on earth.


The home of four time outlaw 10.5 champion, Joe Newsham, and his outlaw 10.5 twin turbo cobra mustang. Photos, Videos, Wallpapers and more !

Venomous Motorsports   

Jerry Morgano's outlaw 10.5 Mustang. The quickest twin turbo small block Mustang In Outlaw racing.

Stanley and Weiss Racing   

The "Official" Website of Stanley and Weiss Racing. News, History, The Wild Bunch Story, and more. Including Camp Stanley's news updates, photos and videos, sponsors. A full featured Website for all!

BBNova Racing (2 time N. Pro Street world champion)   

BBNova racing is a web site devote to Nostalgia Pro street drag racing. Kevin parents car and team are the focal point. Both N.M.C.A. and N.S.C.A. here.


Introducing the baddest Outlaw 10.5 Trans Am. Shawn Zublers 710 ci Trans Am Website featuring information, statistics, photos and videos. Hard hitting Drag Racing at its best.

PT Cruiser Racing   

From Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, we are the first to bring you a full tube chassis PT Cruiser Race Car!

RememberWhenRacing - 1951 Henry J Top Sportsman   

1951 Henry J Top Sportsman. Fastest Steel Bodied Henry J In the USA. Dave Granger/Driver of Tinley Park, Ill. Best ET To Date: 7.77 MPH 177. 251E Chassis. Awards For Best Appearing Car. NHRA/IHRA.

Wally Bell - Chevy Pro Mod Superstar!   

Wally Bell's new website features his racing history and lots of photos and handouts.

JH Pro Stock Racing Team - Denmark   

Denmark's only pro stock racing team.

Southwest Custom Trucks   

With over 80 years combined experience, we specialize in custom fabrication for all areas of automotive restoration, and race car chassis fabrication featuring our Blown Alcohol 55 Chevy Pro Mod Truck.

Combustion Chamber - "Dream Weaver"   

Interesting racing background of Frank Mazi and his many hot rods.

Drag Racing Online - Race Results   

... in pain Longtime UDRA Pro Stock campaigner "Animal Jim" Feurer showed for the Unlimited Pro Stock competition at Cordova, taking runner-up honors on Friday ... www.dragracingonline.com/raceresults/ cordovagain_3.html - 14k -

Drag Racing Online   

... circuit racers. Current UDRA president Jack Thomas recalled that 1973 marked a watershed year for UDRA's Pro Stock program. "We ... www.dragracingonline.com/special/udra_history_4.html - 15k -

Yahoo! Autos : turbo Messages : Message 2070 of 95189   

... It is currently being used on the fastest DSM's out there including David Buschurs new Outlaw Quick 8 RWD Talon which has run 9.7's and 139 MPH, plus 2 of the ... autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/ turbo/message/2070?source=1 - 20k -

Outlaw Pro Mod Schedule   

... the South?". The next two dates on the Outlaw Pro Mod schedule are April 12th at Texas Raceway and April 27th at Navasota. The Outlaw ... www.angelfire.com/tx/fuelcarfan/outlaws/02results.html - 39k -

Drag Racing links   

... Drag Racing Team. MAGIC MOTORSPORTS: Texas Outlaw Pro Mod ACTIONSPEEDPARTS.COM: New and used performance parts, message board, and chat: . . . . . ... www.tootees.com/linkspn.htm - 37k -

Pro Mod Source - Calendar   

An up to date calendar of Pro Mod events.

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