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05 Altereds and Roadsters

Smax Smith - European Drag Racing Champion   

This is a very nice website with a full news section and history of Smax Smith and his cars.

Reg Hazeltons Chevy powered T-Bird Altered   

Another car in the Competition Altered class was Reg Hazeltons Chevy powered T-Bird car. There were 4 classes of Comp Altered, Junior, Middle, Senior and Top.

2003 News   

... But we made it, safe and sound, no problems. This weekend, Pittsburgh Raceway Park will feature jet funny cars and nostalgia alcohol altereds and gassers. ... www.angelfire.com/pa2/BrotherhoodRacing/2003news.html - 76k -

Classic Thunder - 2003 NITRO Show - Sponsored by - Computer Magic ...   

... Bowie would take final round lane choice on a slightly higher top end speed. The blown top alcohol altereds of Jim Dickey and Don Roddy were next. ... www.classicthunder.net/wareshoals2003nitroshow.htm - 80k -

Yahoo! Groups : dragracinglist Messages : Message 192 of 223   

... All Class= ic Thunder events will feature the 20 plus members of the Southeastern Gass= er Tour, plus supercharged altereds and nostalgia super stocks. ... groups.yahoo.com/group/dragracinglist/ message/192?source=1 - 18k -

Drag Racing Online - Race Results   

... watch the nitro doorslammers race on Saturday and Sunday in between laps by nitro burning flathead dragsters, straight axled supercharged altereds, and gassers ... www.dragracingonline.com/raceresults/wentzville_1.html - 12k -

European Drag Racing News   

... You can check out Gareth's pictures at www.uk1320.com. ©Eurodragster.com Adam Gleadow has updated his UK Supercharged Altereds fan site at www ... www.eurodragster.com/news/news.asp - 101k -


... Archive The Bulldog Bash The Cunning Plan The Mob Top Fuel Racing The Wild Bunch Time Machine Racing Top Fuel Team UK Supercharged Altereds York Dragway. ... gyorsulas.lap.hu/indexnojs.html - 48k -

European Drag Racing News   

... of seconds to sink in a 7.87/163, over six tenths quicker than the last one, that’s possibly the season’s quickest non-supercharged altered pass - wow! ... www.eurodragster.com/news/news0803.asp - 101k -

Feature on LA Racing   

... cut off my nose to spite my face!) I then decided the thing to do was go "Heads Up" racing and was on the lookout for a 7second(ish) supercharged Altered/FC. ... www.eurodragster.com/news/features/la_racing.asp - 16k -

The LA Racing Story   

... me. I then decided the way forward was to go "Heads Up" racing and was on the lookout for a 7second(ish) supercharged Altered/FC. ... www.laracing.co.uk/history.htm - 20k -

Geometry.Net - Sports: Drag Bikes   

... www.performancefabricating.com Specialzing in nostalgia Front engine Dragsters, Supercharged Altered Chassis, Composite, and custom Composites, or reproduction ... www.geometry.net/sports/drag_bikes_page_no_5.html - 30k -

Classic Thunder - Classic Cars - Nostalgia Drag Racing - ...   

... Show. Jim Dickey also raced against Don Roddy and his all-girl crew in a Hemi vs. Chevy Supercharged Altered Match Race. In addition ... Description: Nostalgia drag cars include Gassers, dragsters, super stockers, funny cars. Category:

Non V8 in SS and Comp Eliminators   

... If you take a look at some of the classes some of the supercharged door slammers could participate in as a supercharged Altered or a supercharged Nostalgia ... www.kenlowe.com.au/NonV8.htm - 28k -

Mad Max Racing - Trevor Morrison's CC/Altered   

BB/Altered - 6.52secs @ 207.85mph, CC/Altered - 6.81secs @ 195.32mph. ... members.iinet.net.au/~madmax/ - 6k -

engineroom.cjb.net --- new cars   

... Monaro. Other. Darren Fry and Selina Lamb's new blown altered. John and Mick Trinder - new blown outlaws LC Torana - more to follow. Paul ... www.angelfire.com/falcon/mattandjames/newcars.html - 13k -

Howard and Melody Knowles' "Cheaper Than Therapy" Outlaw Fuel ...   

... would be. A Blown Altered is the car I always wanted and I am really enjoying racing with the Outlaw Fuel Altereds. (Howard beat ... www.angelfire.com/tx/fuelcarfan/outlaws/knowles.html - 3k -

Discussion for Classic Thunder Altereds   

... Ware Shoals Event Format and Payout Posted, draglist, 0, 28, April 27, 2003, 11:04:41 PM by draglist. Blown Altered Crew Needed! draglist, ... www.classicthunder.net/yabbse/index.php?board=10 - 28k -

Flathead Blown Altered   

... weekend in his Hilborn injected dragster. Charlie Overfelt won competition gas in his beautiful blown altered. Joe Abbin won Hot Rod ... flatheaddrag.com/98den/kl98nar.html - 15k -

Dragrace Canada, NHRA, IHRA, Canadian Drag Racing News, ...   

... Field is paced by Florida’s Charlie Gambino who runs low ET at 6.316 secs with his blown altered, however the event is won by number 11 qualifier, Ohio’s ... www.dragracecanada.com/IHRA/Events/2001/05/notes.asp - 43k -

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