Draglist.com Story Photos for 2000 By Various Photographers

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The Chicken Chokers team prepares their new machine at Virginia Motorsports Park. Photo thanks to Len Cottrell

The crew preps the car for another qualifying shot. Photo by Butch Blackberg

The FIRST successful rear engine dragster -- the Kaiser Bros. Photo by Pete Garramone

The immaculate Astro Magic Car restoration is what keeps sucking Bill Pitts' wallet out of his pants! Photo thanks to Bill Pitts

The stands were packed at Norwalk 2000. Photo by Bill Pratt

Tod Mack vs Leroy Dewdney by James Morgan

Tom West wants a little unpredictabilty in his subjects -- like, for instance the WINGED EXPRESS! Photo by Tom West

Tommy Ivo at San Gabe

Tommy Ivo Wood Cart

Tommy Ivo's 4-Motor Showboat by James Morgan

Tommy McNeely with Hubert Platt

Tommy McNeely's Fugitive in 1973 by James Morgan

TV Tommy Ivo and the gang after the big desert motorcycle crash. Photographer unknown

TV Tommy Ivo Sittin' Behind the Beast

Vanishing Point Rocket Funny Car by Ralph Crosby

Victor Bray 2000 WR by Rob Oberg

Victor Bray Wins 5th Austrailan Top Doorslammer Championship. Photo by Rob Oberg

War Horse at Capitol Match Race 6-24-00 by Tim Pratt

War Horse Under the Lights at Capitol 6-24-00 by Tim Pratt

Was Bernie Shacker the first successful rear engine dragster. Photo courtesy of Ted Pappacena

While many of her fellow drag racing friends froze their toes, Laurie Watts had her best day in her nostalgia dragster. Photo thanks to Laurie Watts

Wild Willy Borsch 69 Winternationals by David McFee

With action like this, Bring Back the Altereds might be the new battle cry! Photo by James Morgan

Wyatt Radke was part of the big funny car show at Spokane. Photo by David Hapgood

Yates Winner Circle 5-17-00 by Charlie Willis

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