Draglist.com Story Photos for 2002 by Various Photographers

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Gary at the 1979 NHRA Winternationals

Gary drops a cylinder but keeps on moving hard. Photo by John Shanks

Gary Ellis's Pro Mod joins Funny Cars and Altereds in the unique SFC format. Photo by Computer Magic Online

Gary fireballs the Sugarman car. Photo by Auto Imagery

Gary Omlin's current rear engine car at the AHRA World Finals

Gary Peters working on the Hemi Hunter even at the show. Dale and Adam Thierer look on. Photo by the HH Team

Gary Scelzi in Alan Johnson's White Cap Toyota in early 2002. Photo by Phil Elliott

Gary slows at Spokane. Photo by Jim Burke

Gene Terenzio holds the toy version of the Hustler Monza. Photo thanks to Geno Terenzio

Gordie Bonin and Ron Hodgson inducted good friend and crew chief Jerry Verhuel. Photo by Phil Elliott

Hanna vs Burgin as the crowd watches intently. Photo by James Morgan

Harold Bettes hits the strip in 1961 in his first digger. Photo thanks to Harold Bettes

Here's Gary at the 1999 World Finals

Here's the great looking Freedom Machine in 1968. Photo by Ed Sarkisian

Here's the Omlin and Milliken car at Pomona. Check out the short wheelbase

Here's the restored Freedom Machine at the 2001 Charlestown Dragway reunion. Photo thanks to Don Roberts

Here's the well-deserved award Darwin Doll and Bill Stiles presented to our author at the York Reunion. Photo by Bob Plumer

Here's Vance Hunt's infamous 'twin engine' fueler from 1962. Photo from the Vance Hunt Archives

Hill is one of the most personable drivers of all time and is a true fan favorite. Photo by Brian Wood

His front end smashed, Al bounces off the guardrail and gets control. Photo by James Morgan

Howard Haight coaches Kol Johnson at Carlsbad in December 1999. Photo thanks to Ron Johnson

Howard Haight is taking for Mendy Fry (shown here at Pomona 2001). Photo thanks to Ron Johnson

I won this invite on a radio show on KIIM FM to attend Kenny Bernstein's shindig. Scan by Pete Gemar

It's Miller Time as the demolition is complete. Photo by Stephen Jones

It's pull, pull, pull to get the stop of the structure down. Photo by Stephen Jones

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