Draglist.com Story Photos for 2002 by Various Photographers

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Jack Wyatt at AHRA Spokane 2001. Photo by David Hapgood


Jason DuChene suffered one of the mose intense funny car explosions in recent memory. Photo by Sheryl Ogonoski

Jay Mageau and the IBAA put on a terrific show with their 7.50 funny car circuit. Photo thanks to Jay

Jimmy Prock certainly found what he was looking for as Gary Densham hit the only FC 4.80 to lead qualifying. Photo by Phil Elliott

John Hultquist 12.90's winner

Jon Petrich and the Witchdoctor lead the Supercharged Warriors. Photo by Richard Long

Jungle Jim at NHRA Ontario 1972. Note the JJ logo in the grille. Photo by Dave Milcarek

Karen nails it off the line. She redlighted by an eyelash in the final. Photo by Stephen Hawes

Karen Stoffer made it to the finals in just her third outing in Pro Stock Bike. Photo by Stephen Hawes



Kol and Ron Johnson after Kol obtained his license. Photo thanks to Ron Johnson

Kris Shirota 8.90's winner

Kris Shirota


Mendy drove Ron Johnson's Jr Fueler in 2001. Ron will be available to advise Mendy's new team in 2002. Photo by Bruce Wheeler

Mendy Fry was a big part of the action at the CHRR and she plans to return this year. Photo by Bruce Wheeler

Mendy takes in the awards ceremony at the 2001 CHRR. Phto by Bruce Wheeler


Mountain Man

Mr. Forever Red is almost lost against the similar color of his trailer. Photo by Pete Gemar

Nathan lets the crowd know what it feels like to be a 17 year old TAD driver. Photo by Sheryl Ogonoski

Nathan Sitko lines up against Serge Dion for his first TAD match race. Photo by Sheryl Ogonoski

Neal Parker's awesome Excavator Fiat is just an example of the altereds and dragsters that will complete in the Frantic 7 Open category. Photo by Bryan Epps

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