Draglist.com Story Photos for 2002 by Various Photographers

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New drag fan Raiford uses face muscles he's never used before sitting in Doug's Top Fuel car when we fired it up. Photo by Berserko Bob


Number 2 funny car qualifier, Terry Haddock. Photo by David Hapgood

One final look at the standing structure before it gets demolished. Photo by Stephen Jones

Only at Spokane! It's Bobby Baldwin's modern fueler against Todd Meikle's nostalgia car. Photo by David Hapgood






Pat Foster enjoyed the evening, being inducted a highlight in his career according to his speech. Photo by Phil Elliott

Perry Wyatt, Sr., and the Super Camaro. Photo thanks to Perry Wyatt, Jr

Rear motor design is gonna put the driver's mug up AGAINST the windshiled. Photo by Chris Stinson

Rich Hanna's First Strke gets ready for another launch at MIR's Jet Car Nats. Photo by Stephen Jones

Ricky Kamitani's six-second Mountain Man digger

RL Peyton at Indy in the mid '60s. Photo by Jim Hill

RL Peyton was a top fuel racer who did it HIS way. Photo by Jim Hill

Roger McConnell was the class of the gasser field at Midway with the nitrous assisted Mighty Mouse. Photo by Brian Wood


Royce and Linda Miller and son Chris (R to L) take one final look out the tower. Photo by Stephen Jones

Sammy Miller is the quickest man in the history of drag racing. Photo by Norman Blake

Seen on the Firebird grounds was the unique Lethal Injection rear engine nostalgia FC. Photo by Chris Stinson

Serge Dion burns out in the Sitko Family Racing Top Alcohol Dragster. Photo by Sheryl Ogonoski

Serge ended up WAY out in left field after the crash. Photo by Sheryl Ogonoski

Shirl Greer's 1947 General Motors Truck (not GMC) was a crowd favorite. Photo by Berserko Bob

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