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Jim Hawkins' Famous DragStats on Compact Disc!

Dragstats provides all the details on your favorite NHRA pro drivers.Jim Hawkins' DragStats software is the industry standard for tracking all the details on the performances of your favorite NHRA drag racers. 

DragStats tracks all the top NHRA drivers in Top Fuel, Funny Car, Pro Stock, and Pro Stock Bike. It includes all the Top Rankings, National Events, and more.

Every DragStats CD contains EVERY best qualifying run and every elimination run since 1987*!!! Plus, you get free updates from Jim's web site as the years go on!!!

Bob Frey says his favorite thing is being able to re-create the elimination ladder from any event.

DragStats CDs represent thousands of hours of work and history and you can have it all for a mere $19.95.

* Bike stats only go to 1999.

Here's a screenshot of Top Fuel statistics.
Here's a screenshot of DragStats Top Fuel statistics.


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