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Race Tunes! What to Listen to at the Drags!

Join the CITYKINGS for some great 'crusing to the drags' music!

The OFFICIAL House Band of Draglist.com: The CITYKINGS!

Sorry, everyone. The CityKings CDs are SOLD OUT! Please check out some of our other great products.


The only thing as cool as hanging out with all my great drag racing pals is hanging out with one of the top musicians in the Houston area -- John Bockelman, AKA WildcatOne on the Draglist./Computer Magic message board. You may remember John from our Blues for Becky concert in 2004, where we held an all day, 12 band jam session in Houston to raise money for our friend Becky White. Well, at the first note, it was apparent then that Johnny was more than just a good drag racing pal... this guy's got GAME and so do all his band mates. Folks, those who know me know that I'm almost as crazy about music as I am about drag racing and take it from me, this is a fantastic debut CD. The songs are as good or better than anything you're hearing on the radio today and they make PERFECT cruising tunes to help pass the time as you tow to the drags. This is just plain GOOD MUSIC, with something to like whether you're 15 or 55. The only thing wrong with this CD is trying to figure out which song is your favorite... for me and others who've listened, it kept changing, day after day. Buy it and spin it. I promise you'll dig it. BP


This album of songs by The Citykings represents 9 months of work on 10 songs, which were recorded at SugarHill Studios and mastered at Essential Sound in Houston, Texas, engineered and produced with Grammy-nominated Andy Bradley at the controls. The material recorded by the band features songwriters and multi- instrumentalists Bill Gibson and Draglist member John "WildcatOne" Bockelman's songs, covering multiple aspects of the American Experience in the new millennium. Expert musicianship and outstanding arrangements of the songs are turned in by Randolph Arrington on bass and vocals, and Scott Burman on drums and percussion. There will be much more coming from the Citykings. CD release parties and reviews in the Houston area press will be done in early 2006, and a series of concerts are also planned on a national and worldwide scale later in the year.

The band is already preparing material for their second release, which will be funded by the proceeds from this, their first official album of original songs. Enjoy! WC1

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