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Flip-A-Dial for Better Bracket Racing!

Three digit Flip A DialFour digit Flip A Dial
The three and four digit FLIP-A-DIALs in action.


Bracket Racers! Lose the Shoe Polish! For that special bracket racer in your life (or for yourself), FLIP-A-DIAL is a cool device to display your Elapsed Time Dial-in without shoe polish, vinyl numbers, or having to roll and roll to find your number! FLIP-A-DIAL numbers can be changed in seconds by flipping the number pieces side to side from black to white (or yellow).

FLIP-A-DIAL measures 3.5 inches high by 10 inches long. It's 3/8 inches thick and comes with white or yellow numbers. There are two different FLIP-A-DIAL models:

For dragsters, altereds, and roadsters, there is a 3 Digit FLIP-A-DIAL that comes with mounting holes. You can dial anything from 0.00 to 9.99  

For door cars, there is a 4 Digit FLIP-A-DIAL that comes with Velcro mounts to attach to the inside of your window. You can dial anything from 00.00 to 99.99

If you race both quarter and eighth mile tracks or if you bounce around between 9.9 and 10.1 seconds, the 4-digit FLIP-A-DIAL can display either three or four digits. Just flip all segments of the first digit to black.

For special applications, we do offer a 4-digit FLIP-A-DIAL with mounting holes. If you want one of these, please use the 'SPECIAL PROCESSING REQUESTS' block on the shopping cart to request mounting holes instead of Velcro. (Velcro is not included on FLIP-A-DIAL models with mounting holes.)

Don't take a chance on losing that race because the tower personnel can't see your number! Get your FLIP-A-DIAL today!

Flip-A-Dial Bracket Racing Board $24.95

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