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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

Carl Baker Wins 22nd Mountain Motor Nationals at MIR

By Bill Pratt

Carl Baker won the 2000 MIR Mountain Motor Nationals Wednesday night. Photo by Charlie Willis
Carl Baker won the 2000 MIR Mountain Motor Nationals. Photo by Charlie Willis

Budds Creek, Md. (August 9) - Carl Baker won the 22nd Annual Mountain Motor Nationals Pro Stock race at Maryland International Raceway Wednesday night. He defeated fellow Ford racer Tom Lee in the final on a holeshot, 6.75, 204 to 6.70, 206. Already delayed two weeks due to a rainout on its original date, the event again was held up due to a steady rain that fell until approximately 7:30 P.M. The MIR track crew then sprung into action, drying and spraying the track in time to start racing at about 9:00 P.M. 

The crowds were not SRO, but were respectable, considering the circumstances. Due to the compressed schedule, however, Royce Miller made the decision to convert the program to a Chicago Style shootout. There would be two rounds of "races," from which the two quickest ETs would return for the final. 

Tom Lee’s Autolite Ford Mustang and Carl Baker’s Summit Racing Ford Thunderbird proved to be the two quickest cars. Lee ran a best of 6.700 seconds in the first round, and Baker ran 6.708 seconds in the second round. The Chevys of John Montecalvo, Wally Stroupe, and Steve Spiess all ran in the 6.70 zone, but did not make the final cut. In the final, Baker grabbed a .451 to .519 reaction time advantage at the tree, then held on to defeat Lee’s beautiful peach colored machine, 6.753, 204.91 to 6.708, 206.99 pass. Lee has Low ET and Top Speed at 6.700/206.99. 

MIR’s Frantic Four cars were flying, but only got to the semifinals. Tommy Howes is coming back around. He ran two 6.60s at 210, but became crossed up in the semi and lost to a Marc Hayes’ 6.92. Billy Farmer's nitrous '63 Vette kept on rolling, with a 6.67, 207 first round win and a 6.64, 210 semifinal round win. There was no final due to the curfew.

In a special ceremony, announcer Bill Pratt presented Maria English with a plaque commemorating the contributions of the late Raymond "Ray-Ray" English to the sport of drag racing. Twenty-two years ago, as MIR track manager, Raymond English named the Mountain Motor Nationals – and in doing so, named an entire category of race car. English died in March and it was the first time that his wife had been able to attend a drag race since then.

Maryland International Raceway was sporting an entirely new surface, recently applied by Beltway Paving. Professional and bracket drag racers alike enjoyed the smooth, new surface.

Complete results to follow at http://www.draglist.com on 8/11, including dozens of photos.

Bill Pratt


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