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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

Let's Race! Free "Match Race Madness"
PC Game Updated for 2000

By Bill Pratt

Hi everybody! It's been a long time coming, but our free Match Race Madness PC drag racing game has been updated with ALL the racers and times for the 2000 season. I had a bit of difficulty transferring the newer formatted lists into the game, but we finally got it to work. Unlike the most recent version, where the driver names, entry names, and other information bled over into two lines, the new version is clean and mean. The game remains totally the same, only the databases have been changed to protect the FAST!

I will work on a full-fledged update to the program next year, time permitting. However, with the recent changes I've made, we now are guaranteed a new version of the MRM game every time we update the Drag Lists online. Many of you have written about updated racer lists for MRM. If you are one of our players who has been waiting patiently, WE ARE FINALLY READY!

If you haven't checked out the free MRM drag racing game yet, download a copy and give it a try. Match Race Madness is my gift to fellow drag fans. If you're like me, you've fantasized for years about wrestling that fuel Funny Car, Top Fueler, Pro Stocker, or whatever down the drag strip. My personal fantasy is a competitive pure Rodeck Chevy-powered Camaro fuel funny car. 

The scenario goes like this: "Yeah, I've got about a thousand horsepower less than the KBs and TFXs, but I use a 2-speed tranny, superior track tuning prowess, and superior reactions to beat the big guys at "cowpath" match races! While I lack both the finances and the technical knowledge to undertake such an effort, I can race my "Son of King Camaro" (thanks, Geare and LaPole) all around the states. Or I can go down to Australia and take on their hitters. Or I can ship it to England and take on all those racers. You get the idea.

You can race in 25 different drag racing classes at over 350 drag strips around the world. Over 2,000 racers from six continents are ready to take you on (or take each other on). The game includes realistic performance characteristics for the various classes.

MRM can take you around the south (which has more strips than anywhere else), gunning for bucks on the Quick 8 Pro Mod tour!

MRM can let you take on each and every mid five-second alky dragster in Division Seven!

Did you ever want to see how a two-out-of-three match between the jet powered semi trucks of Bob Motz and Les Shockley would come out?

Well, now MRM lets you do all this and more! You are limited only by your imagination. Match Race Madness lets us all get into the excitement and glory of side-by-side 200 to 300 mph action!

Go to our FREE STUFF page and download a copy of Match Race Madness today. It's totally free, and the learning curve is practically ZERO! It's ready to play "right out of the box" (OK, right out of the download).

Have fun and happy holidays to all our friends.

Bill Pratt


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