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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

Nitro Parts Stolen

By Mike Kern

The Chicago Fire Fuel Altered Racing Team would like to ask for your help in bringing a thief to justice.

Sometime between Saturday night June 2 and Tuesday morning June 5, 2001, our race trailer was broken into outside of our shop in Plainfield, Illinois. Our spare short block, a KB Stage 8 Hemi complete with rods, pistons, cam, head studs and front cover assembly as well as a pair of complete BAE dual plug fuel cylinder heads w/down nozzle provisions, were taken. Also, spare Mallory ignition parts and blower pulleys and a 10-bolt supercharger manifold are missing. We believe it to be somebody we know.

The twist to the story is that nothing else seems to be missing. No tools, gauges, or even the generator were touched. The thieves (we are guessing more than one -- you can't carry an engine yourself), knew exactly what they wanted and where it was in the trailer. Nothing was ransacked or damaged - it's 'just plain gone. The only damage was the door lock that was knocked off and pry marks around the back door where an attempted first try at an entrance failed.

While this is not a huge loss in the total scope of life, it is a gigantic blow to us personally and to the community of drag racing in general. It is not like you can drop a nitro motor into your Camaro and go for a spin. We, as well as the police, feel it was someone in the drag racing community and that community is small in comparison to others in life and even smaller when they are nitro parts. These parts can't travel very far without being noticed.

Please help us find these persons and exorcise them from our community and into a community that lives behind bars. If you have any information concerning the whereabouts of our property or even if you know of someone who just acquired some new parts, please contact us in any way possible. Or you can contact the Will County, Illinois, Sheriff's Police directly. Information leading to the arrest and conviction of these persons will be graciously rewarded. That is a promise from us, the Chicago Fire Fuel Altered Team.

Also, let's see if this Internet thing can really work. Help us get the word out and Copy, Paste, Email, Forward, etc., this message to other forums and to friends and associates. We always say it's a small world; let's see how small.

Thank you for taking the time to read this note. I am very sorry that I had to write it.

The Chicago Fire Fuel Altered Team.

Mike Kern: PH: 630.241.2388, email: mike_kern@msn.com or mike.kern@victorreinz.com

Mike Faser: PH: 815.254.4770


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