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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

06/30/01 - The Real Difference Between Drag Racing and Street Racing

06/29/01 - Larry Gould -- Fuel Fords Forever!

06/28/01 - 23rd MIR Mountain Motor Nationals to Tom Lee

06/27/01 (Extra) - Scoop! Joe Amato to Drive Nostalgia Funny Car at NHRA 50th Anniversary Race!

06/27/01 - The Chicken Choker Chronicles -- Atco: Big Rain, Big MPH, Big Sleep!

06/26/01 - Running with the Big H -- Hydrazine!

06/25/01 - NHRA St. Louis: Tonglet and Lastor Win First of Career, Warren Johnson Ties Bob Glidden with 85 Career Victories

06/24/01 - Warren Johnson and Antron Brown Go to No. 1 While Scelzi, Sarver and Patterson Stay on Top

06/23/01 - Friday's Qualifying at Sears Craftsman Nationals Puts Scelzi, Sarver, Allen, Savoie, and Patterson Out Front

06/22/01 - The Wrong Phone Number for Speed

06/21/01 - Alky Funny Car Action at 75-80

06/20/01 - 2001 Charlestown Dragway Reunion, Day Two

06/19/01 - Shirley Headlines Nitro Match Race Action from E-Town and Lebanon Valley

06/18/01 - Force, Dixon, Johnson Among Winners At Pontiac Excitement Nationals

06/17/01 (1) - IHRA Cordova Wins to Millican, Janis, Verheijen, Thomas, and Lee

06/17/01 (2) - Bernstein, Skuza, Marnell Take Top Qualifying Honors at Pontiac Excitement Nationals

06/16/01 (1) - Millican Leads Top Fuel Qualifying at IHRA Amalie Oil Summer Nationals

06/16/01 (2) - Bernstein, Skuza, Edwards Among Friday Qualifiers At Pontiac Excitement Nationals

06/15/01 - IHRA Amalie Summer Nationals Thursday Qualifying Results

06/14/01 - The Chicken Choker Chronicles - Adventures in Federal Mogul Dragster

06/13/01 - Lippencott Jr Wins Indy Goodguys Top Fuel -- Plus All Final Resultsl 

06/12/01 - Drag Race Central - Harrisburg, Pa.

06/11/01 - Kids' Questions About Drag Racing

06/10/01 - The Scoop on the Sport's Latest Fuel Funny Car

06/09/01 - Farewell ADRA, We Hardly Knew Ye -- Don Ewald Speaks Out About the Demise of the Fledgling Organization

06/08/01 - Tommy Joe Invents the Bungee Jump

06/07/01 - Nitro Parts Stolen, Please Be on the Lookout

06/06/01 - More Obscure Memories of Lions Drag Strip

06/05/01 - War Horse Funny Car Trying to Live up to Potential in Early 2001

06/04/01 (1) - Bailey, Pittman, Vancil, Brand, and Wilson win IHRA Grand Bend; Rain Delays Sportsman Eliminators

06/04/01 (2) - Bernstein, Edwards, and Perin win from the Top spot while Worsham and Brown win at the Lucas Oil NHRA Nationals

06/03/01 (1) - Millican, Pittman, Vancil, Thomas, and Wilson Lead IHRA Grand Bend Final Qualifying

06/03/01 (2) - Chicago: Bernstein, Force Set National ET Records While Edwards, Savoie And Perin Qualify First; Gracia Wins Holley Pro Stock Truck Dominator Duel

06/02/01 (1) - Muldowney, Stott, Thomas, Miller Friday Qualifying Leaders at IHRA Grand Bend

06/02/01 (2) - Dunn, Worsham, Edwards, Brown and Smith Top Qualifiers After Day One At Lucas Oil NHRA Nationals In Joliet

06/01/01 - ADRA Darlington is Full Speed Ahead - Let's Go!


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