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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

War Horse Recaps the 2000 Season and Plans Ahead

By Bruce Mullins

Well, the 2000 racing season is behind us, and what an exhausting season it was. From the problems at the Winternationals to the runner up at the Division 2 finals, it was a totally successful year. Now we are preparing for the 2001 season. NHRA has made a couple of rules change that will make the War Horse alcohol funny car more competitive with the screw blower cars, so the entire Bruce Mullins team is going to pursue the NHRA Division 1 points chase. 

The War Horse has been stripped to the bare chassis to go over and through everything in order to see what pieces can be used and what pieces need to be replaced. Unfortunately, many pieces we use have a very short life span when you're running 240 mph. We also are seeking and beating the bushes looking for sponsors. A sponsor can supply parts and/or money in exchange for advertisement on the sides of the War Horse and an ad on the BRUCE MULLINS web page. 

I also would like to remove the tried and true 1998 Mustang body and replace it with a brand new 2001 body. Unfortunately, Ford is the only producer of the 2001 Mustangs like the ones used by JOHN FORCE, so staying with a Ford body won't be possible UNLESS someone from FORD were to supply me with one. I wouldn't rule out putting a new Camaro body on for next year. So, if there is anybody interested in helping out for next year, let me know. 

Back to next year's plans. Everyone should be able to see us at all the Division 1 points races, along with approximately five to seven NHRA national events, depending on sponsors. One race I hope to attend will be the prestigious U.S. NATIONALS. We will just have to wait and see. That's all for now, but I will try to keep you all up to date as the season draws near.

Bruce Mullins


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