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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

How to Start a Career in Drag Racing

An Age Old Answer to an Age Old Question

By Bill Pratt

Amy wrote: I have a question... I am looking for a way to start a "career" in racing. Would you have any idea of where to look to find out how to become involved in racing? All help would be appreciated. Amy in Michigan

Hi Amy. The best recommendation I can make is that you go to your local drag strip and hang out. Ask one of the teams if you can volunteer to do some of the "gopher" jobs on the race team. Learn all you can and make yourself as useful as possible. As you learn more, you can offer more to race teams as you go along. Maybe you can work your way into a driving job if that's what you are looking for. If your interest lies more with working with the drag strip itself or announcing, my recommendations are about the same. 

Most drag strips would love to have some volunteer help in just about any area. Learn all the jobs and make yourself as invaluable as you can. Eventually you can work it into a paying position. If you are into announcing, pay close attention to as many announcers as you can. See if you can sit in the tower and learn from them. Work hard and have fun. People will see your enthusiasm and professionalism and you'll make it happen one of these days.

AND... don't forget to write about your adventures and send updates our way! We will print any story you send. In fact, if you were looking to enter the automotive journalism field, that would be a good start...

Good luck!

Bill Pratt


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