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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

Joel's USA-1 Dragfest Event Bits

By Joel Naprstek

Joel Naprstek was promoting the Stock-Super Stock-FX Mailing List at Bruce Larson's USA-1 Dragfest. Flyer by Joel Naprstek
Joel Naprstek was promoting the Stock-Super Stock-FX Mailing List at the USA-1 Dragfest.
Flyer by Joel Naprstek

I made 100 copies of the SS list recruitment flyer, put most of them out on the table, and there were only a few left at the end of the day. Maybe we'll be getting some new members joining the S/S-F/X list soon. 

Geoff Stunkard was at Larson's and shooting many photos of the restored AWB '65 Dodges. Word was he was hoping to do an update article on the AWB cars soon. 

The Bruce Larson '62 Ford resto was real nice. Had 'glass fenders and hood, Traction Master bars like the car did when Larson ran F/X along with the dual quad intake on the 406. Only things visibly missing were a set of headers, race tires on the back (had street tires) and the aluminum front bumper which as a '62 item are harder to come by than '64 T-Bolt aluminum bumpers. 

The '65 Honker resto done by Dan Fuller of Ohio is just terrific. In no way is it over restored. It is done to represent the car just as if it was garaged immediately after it's last race. Things are not perfect by 2001 standards, but perfect for 1966-7 when the car last ran. The way they should be done in my book. 

The Charlie Allen car is good but over restored in my opinion. Rear fender alterations are not what they originally were. No moon tank in the grille, different tires, etc. From what Brian Kohlman said though, they do plan to run the Allen car a bit so it needed to be slightly compromised. 

There were a bunch of great photo albums and vintage photo dealers there. 

I missed most of the videos and slide show sessions. 

Sorry to say I don't think I'll be posting any pics from the event as I dropped my cheapo camera, popping open the back of it while dusting some rosin for the photo session. 

Charlie Baesch from MD who runs the black '64 GTO N/SS was there digging the vintage Poncho pics and such. 

Many people were buzzing about the York event next summer and Darwin Doll and Bill Stiles were there drumming up interest and giving out info. 

Many door prizes were given out. Everyone who attended got a souvenir ticket with the Larson Cobra pictured on it and an embroidered patch memento. 

The weather was just great and the outdoor activity and viewing for the towed-in cars couldn't have been better. The sandwiches were a bit so-so and the soft drinks were not too cold but all in all, it was ok. 

Jim Amole, an eastern PA collector and ex-racer brought along the cold air tray that was around the injectors on Bob Harrop's original '65 AWB Flying Carpet Dodge. 

Bud Faubel and his wife were there with Bud answering all questions put to him about the '65 car and others he ran. Bud was respondent in a rich red colored suit, stars and stripes tie and red snakeskin shoes, driving a new metallic red Caddy. Bud arrived earlier, left for a short while then returned just as the two AWB cars were placed in the street along with the spread out rosin. Everyone was waving the red Caddy by until it was realized that it was Faubel! It was the first time he'd seen the restored '65 car. Quite a moment. 

Faubel's main wrench in '65-7, George Weiler, was also there going over the details of the resto and the original Honkers. 

It was a great day and all in attendance were having a good time. Hope to see more people next year. Thanks go out to Bruce Larson, Dave Heisey, and Dick Gerwer for producing this shindig

The online mailing list community was well represented. There were a number of Standard 1320 and Gas-F/X list members and some Straight Line Modelers members there too. I was asked to join in the photo of the 1320 members although I've been off that list for a long time. Thanks for asking. 

Bill Pratt was there having a good time and I'm sure looking for notes to add to the Drag Racing List. [Right on both counts, Joel! bp]



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