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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

11/30/01 - The "Hemi Hunter" Story -- Chapter Six: "Champs and Touring Pros"

11/29/01 - The "Hemi Hunter" Story -- Chapter "Top Fuel"

11/28/01 - The "Hemi Hunter" Story -- Chapter "RACE"

11/27/01 - The "Hemi Hunter" Story -- "O" Fan and Drag Racing, Chapters 1-5

11/26/01 - The "Hemi Hunter" Story -- Nitro-Intro

11/25/01 - Does Drag Racing Need a Super Bowl?

11/24/01 - Musings in Tire and Header Aerodynamics

11/23/01 - Blue Oval Bad Boys! Ford Powered Fuel Altereds

11/22/01 - Nitro Maintenance: Creepers, Darts, and Acceleration

11/21/01 - Joe Jacono and His Zoomie Headered Dragster

11/20/01 - USA-1 Dragfest Photo Review #2

11/19/01 - Joel Naprstek's USA-1 Dragfest Event Bits

11/18/01 - The Science of Header Flames

11/17/01 - Nitro Drivers, A Different Breed

11/16/01 - USA-1 Dragfest 2001: A Photo Review

11/15/01 - IDRC Long Horn Nationals: The Greatest Race of All Time; Hartford, Papadakis, Kelley & Shepherd Shatter Records

11/14/01 - Barefoot Girls and More at the 2001 USA-1 Dragfest

11/13/01 - Bruce Larson's Drag Fest 2001 -- A First Timer's Experience

11/12/01 - Bernstein, Worsham, Allen, Savoie and Coughlin Earn Event Wins at Automobile Club of Southern California NHRA Finals; Bernstein, WJ, Savoie Clinch World Championships

11/11/01 - NHRA Finals: Dixon wins Budweiser Shootout while Bernstein, Bazemore, Yates, Savoie and Lingenfelter Qualify No. 1

11/10/01 - Bernstein, Bazemore, Johnson, Savoie, Lingenfelter are Early Qualifying Leaders at NHRA Finals

11/09/01 (1) - Bernstein, Densham Among Qualifying Leaders at Automobile Club Of Southern California NHRA Finals

11/09/01 (2) - Don Garlits and John Force Speak at Breakfast of Champions

11/08/01 - Bakersfield Fuel and Gas Finals: Fuller & Dunlap Break Through, McDaniel Brings Home 2nd Consecutive Goodguys Top Fuel Crown

11/07/01 - Big Yohns and Mendy Say Farewell at Bakersfield

11/06/01 - Top Fuel Dragsters Take the Spotlight in Pomona

11/05/01 - Automobile Club of Southern California NHRA Finals Fact Sheet

11/04/01 - Funny Car Pioneers Venture to Montana

11/03/01 - Agent 1320 Presents CHRR X - Story and Photos from Bakersfield

11/02/01 - In the Photographer Zone

11/01/01 - Lightning Strikes Twice for TV Tommy Ivo


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