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Victor Bray Wins Fifth Consecutive
Australian Championship

By Rob Oberg

Victor Bray Won his 5th Australian Top Doorslammer Championship. Photo by Rob Oberg
Victor Bray Won his 5th Australian Top Doorslammer Championship.
Photo by Rob Oberg

October 8th 2000 - Castrol '57 Chevy driver Victor Bray is still the only person to have won an Australian Top Doorslammer Championship after claiming the 2000 title by defeating Perth's Robin Judd in the semis at the final round of the series at Willowbank Raceway's Konica Winternationals.

Bray had trailed Adelaide's Dave Koop by just two points and was only 13 points ahead of Perth's Robin Judd going into the event but quickly showed he was on the pace in his Castrol '57 Chevy and ready for a dramatic title showdown. Bray moved up the qualifying ladder with a 6.35-second pass in Friday's sessions to trail his main championship challenger, Robin Judd, by just two hundredths of a second.

Judd had recorded a world record equaling 6.17 back in June in the first session of qualifying before rain intervened forcing the postponement of the event until this weekend. Although times set back in those cooler conditions still stood on the sheets the race and championship was certainly go to who ever got on top of the October conditions.

The Ice Break Top Doorslammer category confirmed it's mantel as the highlight of the Konica Winternationals after Friday's sessions saw Andrew Searle 6.30, Robin Judd 6.33, Les Winter 6.34 and Victor Bray 6.35 produce the tightest top half of a field yet seen.

Saturday nights elimination racing began with Championship leader Dave Koop, facing the in-form Andrew Searle in the first round and being eliminated from the title hunt early. Victor Bray, 6.47 seconds, had a first round win over Melbourne's Peter Kapiris 6.92, to move ahead of Koop in the points. Robin Judd, 6.33, was able to defeat Bray's Castrol team mate Steve Stanic, 6.76, to set up a semi final clash with Bray which was to determine the championship.

In a dramatic title decider, Bray brought the huge Konica Winternationals crowd to its feet cheering for their home town hero as he triggered the win light with a 6.47 second time ahead of Judd's troubled 7.86. After the euphoria of a fifth consecutive title Bray red lighted by a narrow margin in the final against Brett Stevens but was far from disappointed as the championship victory had been his major goal from the outset.

A relieved Victor Bray commented, "We would of loved to have won the Konica Winternationals but the championship means so much to us that we're more than happy. Every title has been hard but none was closer than this."

"Our Castrol team was behind the eight ball a few times but we kept working at it and it came around for us in the end. Our guys worked their backsides off this weekend. I've got to thank them along with all our fantastic sponsors that have supported us all the way through. Special thanks also to Hog's Breath Café who have just joined us on the car at this meeting. Five championships is fantastic and next month we'll be on the track trying our very best to make it six in a row for Castrol."

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