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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

IDRC Racers Rewrite the Books at East Coast Finals

7.0s for the Pros, First Quick in the 8s and 9s on Radials

Racers: 105, Show Cars: 180, Spectators: 4,509

By Michael Ferrara

The IDRC promised the East Coast fans an event they would never forget and the IDRC delivered. New records were not just set, as the old were shattered as the racers used the IDRC championship prepped track to their advantage. A container of racers from Puerto Rico including Nibo Race, Sammy Promotions, and Chivi King joined the mainland stars for a show with no equal.

Look Out Pro Stock, Here Comes IDRC PRO SHOCK!

Matt Hartford and the Hoyos Racing Focus set the crowd on fire with a stunning 7.095-second blast that clocked in at 194.77 mph. This was the quickest and fastest recorded time ever in the Toyo Tires Pro Class. The performance earned Matt the number one qualifying position ahead of the Nibo Race RX-7 driven by Miguel Marrero of Puerto Rico. By the Semis, the two top qualifiers would defeat Sammy Promotions and Chivi King to meet in the final. When the lights turned green, the Nibo Race RX-7 would defeat the V6 of Hoyos Racing as the Ford would lose a cylinder and be unable to run the number. 

The record would also stand as an "unofficial" record as Hartford was unable to back up the time due to mechanical problems. According to National Director Michael Ferrara, "there was nothing suspicious about the 7.0-second time slip from the Hoyos Focus. It's just an IDRC policy that a time has to be backed up to become an official record. I do predict that the Hoyos Racing Ford Focus will be the first sport-compact into the 6s and it will happen at the IDRC Long Horn Nationals on November 10th in San Antonio."

Glazar Breaks the Barrier in Just a Fraction Over Eight Seconds 

Sean Glazar and his Extreme Motorsports Talon proved to the world that he's got the best combination for setting records. The quickest of the Nitto Tire/Turbo Magazine Quick Class cars in the world also became the first in the 8s and then backed it up on the following run. Sean Glazar would come into the semis against a strong-running Impo Honda piloted by Sav Leone. Sav got a nice holeshot, but in an instant, the Honda became fixed in Glazar's rear view mirror. The timers said it all as "8.875" flashed and the barrier that would never be crossed by a Quick car was now penetrated. In the finals, Glazar's victim would be the ultra-consistent Phatridz Neon of Mike Crawford. Again, an "8.904" from the bulbs of the scoreboard said it all. A stock chassis, 4-cylinder import running eights. That's excitement. 

Shepherd is the First of the APC Street flock into the 9s John Shepherd has had an awesome season in the IDRC national championship. To date, John has attended six IDRC events and he has won all six. He's also managed four number one qualifying positions and two number-two positions along the way. A track ready for the power and the prod of an ultra-quick field resulted in John standing on the throttle for a 9.987-second sprint in the semis. Against Jeff Hill in the finals, John found a little more in his four-banger to record a 9.931 at 146.53 mph.

IDRC Championship To Crown THE true champions

While the minor leagues have already crowned their Kings and Queens, the IDRC Championship has proven to be unmatched in excitement. In the Toyo Tires Pro Class, the battle is between Matt Hartford and Efren Vasquez. For the Apex Integration Outlaw Championship, five different racers have a mathematical chance at the championship. The Nitto Tires/Turbo Magazine Quick Class has four record setters clawing for every point, as there can be only one champion. 

For the Kings of the APC Street class, four racers can amass the points for the title of champion. As for the All-Motor bragging rights, Fred Ellis is the man to beat, as three other racers will have him in their sights. Without question, the best drama in the history of import/sport compact is unfolding and the final settings of San Antonio and Palmdale will provide the ultimate locations for the final chapters.

Colorado Bracket Racer Wins B&M Challenge

All of the winners from the individual classes squared off in the B&M Challenge where just one racer would take home the jackpot. In the end, Joel Yeagle and his 1978 Spitfire from Colorado would defeat Fred Ellis in the final to take home over $6,000 in total winnings. Not bad for a day away from the office.

Michael Ferrara



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