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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

Early Observations from Indy

By Doug Simpson

A few early observations:

It was hot. Really hot. Most of the Pro Stock field was only running 194 to 195 MPH. TV News said it was two of the hottest days this year in Indy. I'm sunburned and I drank an excessive amount of expensive soda.

I only saw two accidents: On Wednesday, a back halved Cavalier got in its own oil and brushed the right wall, and the Valvoline FMFC took the shine off of the left side of the car via the left wall. Both drivers did a great job handling the cars.

Schumacher went berserk with the Army thing. Humvee, apache helicopters flying around, etc. I haven't seen so many Army guys since CNN covered of the Gulf War. We also had to endure a NY Yankee butt kissing session before fuel qualifying Friday, as Gwynn is now running with a Yankees backed car. I have no problem thanking sponsors, but this was a 15-minute presentation at the tree with the Friday night crowd waiting for header flames.

Melanie signed autographs for a really long time in the heat of the day. Shirley had an autograph line long enough to make Force look stupid. If the people like her that much, NHRA needs her back for good. I didn't see Angelle all weekend, except on the track and return road. Saw Cristen Powell briefly -- her pass was alright.

The lights were dimmed before fuel qualifying at dusk. Kudos to IRP for that!

The Winston and MBNA girls kept all entertained when we weren't spectating cars.

I still don't like the Booze in the stands, but with Bud as a sponsor, I guess I'll have to live with it.

The power company decided it was a good time to install telephone poles along Hwy 136, and closed down one lane for a good portion of the day Wednesday and Thursday. It was a cluster. Lack of insight and planning. Also, it appeared that it was also a good time to plant flowers along the median, thereby closing another lane of 136 a block or two into Speedway. Also not smart.

While on the subject of highways... if anyone has a large truck or is trailering a car, for the love of God, avoid the Chicago skyway. It rides like someone torched it out of a block of soap.

I-65 Northbound is terrible. Construction and bumper to bumper even during the late hours and early morning. It added 2 hours to a 3.5-hour trip. Also not good.

But Indy is always fun and worth it!

Doug Simpson


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