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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

09/30/01 (1) - IHRA Budds Creek: Janis and Wilson Soar To Top Qualifying Spots with Fastest Ever Marks

09/30/01 (2) - Bazemore Sets National Funny Car Record to Lead NHRA Nationals Qualifying

09/29/01 - IHRA Budds Creek: Janis Leads Pro Modified Qualifying

09/28/01 - Funny Car Racing in the Fog

09/27/01 - Jade Grenade Top Fueler Ready for the Dance at the CHRR

09/26/01 - Goodguys: Haight Makes it Two Straight at Vegas

09/25/01 - Highlights from the European 2001 FIA Finals

09/24/01 (1) - IHRA Rockingham: Millican Breaks Garlits' Consecutive Win Record

09/24/01 (2) - Densham And Marnell Score First Career Victories at AutoZone Nationals; Bernstein cuts Dixon's Top Fuel points lead

09/23/01 (1) - IHRA Rockingham: Millican Heads Into Finals With Number One Qualified Position

09/23/01 (2) - Dixon, Force, Yates Take No. 1 Qualifying Awards At AutoZone Nationals

09/22/01 (1) - IHRA Rockingham: Millican Makes Quickest Pass In IHRA History; Leads Qualifying In Top Fuel

09/22/01 (2) - NHRA Memphis: Force, Dixon Among Qualifying Leaders Friday At Memphis Motorsports Park

09/21/01 - The Last Top Gas Title

09/20/01 - Rollers 1970 (or how a Toyota will do in a pinch)

09/19/01 - TV Tommy Ivo's First Ride

09/18/01 - Tommy Joe And The Trident

09/17/01 - Bruce Mullins Racing Back on Track in Late 2001

09/16/01 - Klavon and Lindle Brothers take World Series Titles

09/15/01 - Let's Level the Playing Field for Redlight Starts

09/14/01 - Goodguys' WCS Series Picks Up Where it Left Off in Las Vegas

09/13/01 - Boris Murray: The First Fuel Bike Superstar

09/12/01 - Hot Times in Spokane: The 2001 AHRA World Finals

09/11/01 - The Chicken Choker Chronicles: Englishtown Part 2: Performance -- Good! Driver -- Good! Luck -- Bad!

09/10/01 - (1) IHRA Epping: Millican Ties Garlits' Record With Fifth Consecutive Win

09/10/01 - (2) Behind the Scenes: Sixth Annual IHRA Amalie Motor Oil North American Nationals

09/09/01 - Millican Top Qualifier At IHRA Amalie Oil North American Nationals

09/08/01 - Litton Heads Qualifying At IHRA Amalie North American Nationals

09/07/01 - Steve Picks the Top 80 NHRA Round Winners

09/06/01 - The Story Behind the Heidelberg Speed Shop

09/05/01 - Pete Robinson: Top Fuel's Master Innovator

09/04/01 - Dixon, Bazemore, Savoie Among Winners At The Mac Tools U.S. Nationals

09/03/01 - Pedregon Wins $100,000 Budweiser Shootout; Garlits Records 300 Mph Speed At Mac Tools U.S. Nationals

09/02 01 - Gann Wins Holley Dominator Duel For Pro Stock Bikes; Bazemore Leads Record Assault At Mac Tools U.S. Nationals

09/01/01 - Bernstein, Force Among Qualifying Leaders At Mac Tools U.S. Nationals


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