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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

All Time Doorslammer Dream Race

64 Cars Begin, One Remains

By Bill Pratt

Hello, everyone. Since Rockingham got rained out and since we were talking about doing this anyway, here is some entertainment for a rainy and in some places, snowy Sunday... 

Imagine if you will, that through a temporal anomaly in the space/time continuum, all-time quickest Pro Mod, Top Doorslammer, Nitro Coupe, and Top Sportsman racers materialized at Darlington Drag Strip one evening. Through the same temporal anomaly, the atmospheric conditions are PERFECT with an adjusted altitude well below sea level, a perfect track temperature, and gobs of oxygen in the air. Through the same anomaly, a combined crowd of fans materializes in the stands. 

First, patches of sunburnt Chevy fans appear, fresh from daytime Nitro Coupe events. Soon after, friendly and rowdy Ozzies show up, half from Willowbank and half from the QUIT Motorplex. Soon after, the buzz definitely goes up a few decibels as Southern US Pro Mod fans appear, hootin' and a hollerin' for their favorites. The stands fill to 80 percent of capacity with groups from the West Coast, the Northwest, the Central US, Texas, and the Midwest. Finally, SRO status is achieved with a contingent from the Northeast US made up of Pro Mod and Top Sportsman fans, plus the combined audiences of the first United States Super Circuit races at MIR Saturday night and Englishtown on sunny and cold Sunday afternoon. 

Calling the action will be a four-man team, alternating between round by round and color announcing in the tower, in the pits interviews, and top end interviews. Steve Evans, Dave McClelland, Jon Lundberg, and Bret Kepner raise the fans excitement to a fever pitch.

There will be no qualifying. The field has already been set based on personal best elapsed times and speeds recorded throughout the drivers' careers. Since this is the result of a temporal anomaly, after all, we might even see different drivers to face off in the same car from different eras! Somehow, the crowd takes this all in stride. 

Here are the final qualifying results (done before Rockingham 2003, so those numbers are not included). The race will begin in the next post... 

Draglist.com/ProModifieds.com All Time Doorslammer Dream Race - 64 Cars

1 5.982 231.45 Mitch Stott 526 KB Radiac Abrasives Corvette 2003
2 6.001 235.80 Bill Kuhlmann 525 Font Summit Racing Equipment Corvette 2000
3 6.054 234.97 Peter Kapiris 518 KB Kapiris Bros Studebaker 2003
4 6.080 234.00 Ron Muenks 526 Pont Muenks Racing Corvette 2003
5 6.090 226.00 Brett Stevens 514 TFX Jack Daniels Racing Studebaker 2003
6 6.102 227.50 Thomas Patterson 526 Pont Venom Corvette 2002
7 6.103 230.72 Randy Merick 526 Font Merick Racing Corvette 2002
8 6.104 233.74 Ben Bray 511 BAE Castrol's The Kid Chevrolet 2002
9 6.105 245.23 Victor Bray 511 TFX Castrol GP50 Chevy 2003
10 6.112 230.53 Mike Janis 526 Pont Jan-Cen/Weber Mustard Corvette 2002
11 6.112 228.00 Al Billes 526 BNR Al Billes Studebaker 2002
12 6.114 228.92 Tim McAmis 526 Pont Split Second Motorsports Corvette 2002
13 6.124 234.53 Fred Hahn 526 Chev Summit Racing Corvette 2001
14 6.140 233.00 Gary Irving 526 Chev Lowdown Hotrods Chevrolet 2002
15 6.147 227.04 Bob Rieger 526 BAE Bob Rieger Bel Air 2002
16 6.179 222.44 Robin Judd 511 KB Moonshine Bandit Studebaker 2001

17 6.197 231.36 Dan Nickelsen 526 Chev Nickelsen Racing Beretta 2002
18 6.200 225.00 Kym Petterwood 526 KB Lifestyle Australia Corvette 2002
19 6.200 225.00 Scotty Cannon 526 Chev Cable TV Magazine Studebaker 1998
20 6.200 222.29 Frank Taylor 526 Pont Taylor Brothers Corvette 2003
21 6.205 228.07 Troy Critchley 526 Pont Ironhorse Mercury 2000
22 6.206 227.84 Tommy Mauney 526 Pont Gotham City Corvette 2002
23 6.215 229.20 Jim Nordhougen 526 Pont Americar Chevy 2002
24 6.217 226.89 Alan Pittman 526 Pont Grave Digger Willys 2002
25 6.220 227.00 Dave Greytak 526 Font NuCar/www.newcar.com Chevrolet 2001
26 6.221 224.77 Shannon Jenkins 706 Pont Iceman/Western Beef Camaro 2002
27 6.222 225.86 Mike Ashley 526 Pont Infinet Willys 2002
28 6.223 223.99 Danny Rowe 526 Pont Maximum Extreme Chevy 2001
29 6.237 229.70 Quain Stott 526 Chev Lee Boy Construction Corvette 2002
30 6.239 227.54 Chip King 526 Chry Chip King Avenger 2003
31 6.240 223.50 Tommy Gray Jr 526 Pont The Undertaker Corvette 2002
32 6.241 226.77 Ron Kammes 526 Olds Never Enough Corvette 2001

33 6.249 225.00 Steve Vick 700 Pont CPM Racing Camaro 2001
34 6.250 222.00 Andrew Searle 511 TFX Acme Fiberglass Supply Customline 2001
35 6.251 223.86 Mike Stawicki 525 Chev G-Force Race Cars Corvette 2003
36 6.255 226.47 Andy Meyer 526 Pont Nine's Mine Racing Corvette 2002
37 6.259 223.02 Paul Athey 526 Pont Mohegan Sun Mercury 2001
38 6.260 227.81 Ed Hoover 706 Pont Trussell Motorsports Corvette 2001
39 6.261 224.10 Rickie Smith 704 Pont Lucas Oil Products Viper 2003
40 6.265 224.04 Glen Kerunsky 526 Pont Breckenridge Excavating Chevrolet 2003
41 6.271 227.62 Gary Phillips 525 TFX Lucas Oil Products Studebaker 2002
42 6.272 224.00 Carl Moyer 706 Pont Carl Moyer Bel Air 2001
43 6.276 220.81 John Russo 707 Chev John Russo Corvette 2002
44 6.279 225.15 Harold Martin 697 Pont AC-Delco Grand Am 2002
45 6.280 222.11 Mike Castellana 703 Pont Western Beef Chevrolet 2001
46 6.282 229.24 Peter Gratz 511 KB Valvoline Daytona 1999
47 6.283 228.89 Billy Harper 705 Pont Harper Racing Viper 2003
48 6.283 226.70 Ronnie Hood 698 Pont Roy Hill Racing School Corvette 2002

49 6.283 224.73 Kirk Kuhns 526 BAE Kuhns/Red Line Oil Corvette 2001
50 6.283 221.56 Wayne Keys 542 KB Tectaloy Performance Cool BMW 635 2002
51 6.285 223.36 Bobby Baucom 526 B-1 Vanishing Point Race Cars Avenger 2001
52 6.287 209.65 Rick Distefano 526 Pont Distefano Bros Corvette 2003
53 6.290 222.58 Pat Moore 707 Pont Steffey Racing Chevrolet 2002
54 6.294 230.69 Bill Hill 526 KB Budweiser Nova 2001
55 6.295 214.55 Mel Eaves 526 Pont Mega Power Corvette 2001
56 6.299 225.00 Dan Provenzano 526 BAE Purple Throbber Corvette 2002
57 6.299 221.02 John Scialpi 526 Chev Woppado Chevrolet 2002
58 6.302 221.49 Steve Salvadore 526 Pont Renegade Chevrolet Corvette 2003
59 6.304 222.00 Todd Howard 706 Chev Ed Steffey Chevrolet 2001
60 6.309 227.39 Mike Lockwood 707 Pont Mike Lockwood Corvette 2001
61 6.312 224.85 Sal Passarelli 526 Oddy Advanced Cable Engineering Nova 2002
62 6.313 226.20 Carl Spiering 526 Pont Eaton Cutler-Hammer Bel Air 2002
63 6.320 223.00 Tony Christian 526 BAE Jim McManama Corvette 2002
64 6.320 221.00 Patrik Wikstrom 526 Chev Outlaw Camaro 2002

Alternates under 6.35...

65 6.329 220.26 Annette Summer 705 Chev Summer Racing Chevrolet 2002
66 6.330 225.00 Rick Stivers 526 KB Psycho Corvette 2002
67 6.330 218.37 Glen May 526 Ford Ocean Spray Thunderbird 1999
68 6.331 221.38 Todd Tutterow 615 Pont WTQR 104 FM Corvette 2001
69 6.334 219.13 Roy Wasko 706 Pont Wasko Racing Corvette 2002
70 6.335 222.55 Dennis Radford 707 Pont Poison Viper Viper 2002
71 6.337 220.91 Carl Bullock 526 Pont Carl Bullock Willys 2002
72 6.338 222.99 Steve Cossis 706 Pont competition plus.com Corvette 2001
73 6.338 218.99 David Roemer 706 Pont Gladiator Camaro 2002
74 6.339 219.79 Dale Brinsfield 632 Pont Dale Brinsfield Camaro 2000
75 6.339 219.76 William Rojas 707 Pont Rojas Racing Firebird 2001
76 6.339 209.35 Jerry Hicks 526 Pont Trimmer Chevrolet Corvette 2001
77 6.340 221.00 Les Winter 504 KB Winters Smash Repairs Chevy 2002
78 6.342 223.80 Kevin O'Dell 526 Olds O'Dell Electric Studebaker 2002
79 6.342 219.75 Brian Daniels 526 Chev Barry Daniels Camaro 2002
80 6.343 219.94 Jason Brooks 526 Olds Jason Brooks Racing Corvette 2002
81 6.344 228.84 Marty McGinnis 526 Pont Marty McGinnis Chevrolet 2003
82 6.344 221.56 Wayne Torkelson 525 Root Water Wetter Mustang 2001
83 6.345 219.00 Wayne Torkelson Jr 525 Root Water Wetter Thunderbird 2000

Just before eliminations began, three busloads of European fans crashed through the gates, tipping over a line of Port-A-Potties, and coming to a synchronized sliding top right to the left of the stands! Pouring out of the buses are over 200 Swedes, Norwegians, Swiss, Finns, and Brits, arriving just in time to cheer on their favorite sons! Looking over the qualifying sheets, Patrick Wikstrom will be carrying all of Europe on his shoulders at this event. However, racing from the 64th position, he will have "Mr. Fives" Mitch Stott in round one... 

Round 1 - Stott vs. Wikstrom

Mitch Stott came out and made a STATEMENT in the first round! With alky FC world champ Jimmy Rector turning the wrenches, Stott laid down the quickest pass in doorslammer history with a 5.935 at 235.17! Patrick Wikstrom, the pride of Europe, would have had a hard time with that run even if he had made a solid pass. However, tire shake made him an immediate spectator to Stott's heroics. After getting a slight jump at the green (.473 to .488), Wikstrom's Camaro shook to a 6.488 at 209.74. Stott's run was right on the edge -- a smidge more power or clutch and he'd have been up in smoke. What a GREAT start to this event! 

Round 1 - Kuhlmann vs. Christian

A HUGE upset! Bill Kuhlmann attempted to rotate the earth and threw too much at his combo. His '60 foot time showed that he was heading for the 5.80 zone but the track wouldn't hold it and he went up in smoke! In the other lane, Tony Christian in the McManama Racing '57 Chevy had problems of its own with tire shake, but he lucked out! Kuhlmann was loaded for bear in the driving department, too, nailing a .406 to .447 advantage off the line. It was not to be, however, and Bill's thundering Nitro Corvette is silenced. 

(63) Christian 6.554/207.37 (.447) def.
(2) Kuhlmann 11.994/59.05 (406)

Round 1 - Kapiris vs. Spiering

What a race! Before race, few gave Carl Spiering a chance against the 6.0 terror from down under, and fewer still gave him a chance after Kapiris nailed him at the line, .412 to .460. But then, just as had happened in the first two races, Kapiris went into tire shake. In the other lane, Spiering was thundering to a career best pass! Kapiris looked like a rabbit staying just a few steps ahead of the gaining fox, but at the end, the rabbit found its hole. The holeshot made the difference, as Peter Kapiris held off the big, black Eaton '57 by just over 11 feet! The margin of victory was a scant .033 seconds...

(3) Kapiris 6.278/218.49 (.412) def.
(62) Spiering 6.263/229.82 (.460)

Round 1 - Muenks vs. Passarelli

Ron Muenks, the darling of the ProModifieds.com message board with his 6.080-second automatic 'Vette went up against Northeast Pro Shootout Association regular Sal Passarelli and his neon yellow Chevelle. Muenks looked to have a three-tenth advantage, but on this night, nothing was solid. Muenks did grab the advantage at the green, .472 to .510. After that, both cars rocketed to personal best elapsed times, but the Vette increased its lead at every increment. Great runs, guys!

(4) Muenks 6.032/237.78 (.472) def.
(61) Passarelli 6.167/235.54 (.510)

Round 1 - Stevens vs. Lockwood

Another stunning upset is a hard blow to Ozzie chances for this international title. Brett Stevens, the darling of the world due to his burnout antics in the Jack Daniels Studebaker Top Doorslammer, took a solid shot at the five second zone and went up in smoke for his troubles. In the other lane, unheralded Mike Lockwood seemed to be in deep with his nitrous injected 707 inch Corvette. As in the Kuhlmann-Christian match, the slower car also experience problems with tire shake, but Lockwood had enough to win as the big Ozzie sat spinning the tires.

(60) Lockwood 6.542/211.46 (.464) def.
(5) Stevens 8.842/107.20 (.430)

Round 1 - Patterson vs. Howard

Thomas Patterson brings the deadly Venom Corvette up against Todd Howard in Ed Steffey's 57, blower vs. nitrous once again. We've already seen the slower nitrous cars defeat the killer blower cars today. Will that trend continue? At the hit, both cars leave the line together with Patterson getting the slightest of advantages, .422 to .425. That didn't seem to bode well for the 6.30 nitrous machine, but despite awesome incrementals, the blower car wasn't pulling away! The cars stayed welded together all the way down the strip and the fans went nuts when the scoreboards flashed the results: Patterson had won in a squeaker, but Todd Howard had run the quickest and fastest nitrous pass in the history of Pro Modified! The margin of victory? A scant .028 seconds (9.5 feet).

(6) Patterson 6.150/223.99 (.422) def.
(59) Howard 6.176/231.30 (.425)

Round 1 - Merick vs. Salvadore

Randy Merick was using the temporal anomaly to his best advantage. After buying the complete Bill Kuhlmann setup to run his nitro coupe 6.10/230 a few years ago, Randy's car has slowed down considerably in Quick 8 competition. In the other lane was a newcomer, unheralded Steve Salvadore in the blown Renegade Camaro. That old magic was back for Merick, however, as he left first and held of Salvadore's best ever times for the win.

(7) Merick 6.168/225.90 (.440) def.
(58) Salvadore 6.252/225.05 

Round 1 - B Bray vs. Scialpi

Ozzie teen sensation Ben Bray was up next against West Coast tough guy John Scialpi. Scialpi, who just lost his "world's quickest tin top" title to John Zappia, was keen to take revenge on the kid from down under. It was not to be, however. Both cars made safe, solid runs and the kid held off the "Woppado" machine.

(8) B Bray 6.212/225.67 (.451) def.
(57) Scialpi 6.466/209.74 (.473)

Round 1 - Victor Bray vs. Provenzano

When Victor Bray went 245.23 at the QUIT Motorplex, he said he had run in conditions he would never see again. Think again, Victor. Bray, perhaps the highest horsepower car in the world, proved it in spades here, just missing the 250 mph mark on the fastest pass in the history of doorslammer racing! Provenzano's Purple Throbber Vette can return to America's heartland as the closest witness to history's fastest pass.

(9) V Bray 6.057/249.16 (.443) def.
(56) Provenzano 6.349/221.51 (.474)

Round 1 - Janis vs. Eaves

Despite the seeming mismatch in combinations, legal IHRA Pro Mod vs. Super Chevy Nitro Coupe, Janis was the quicker of the two Corvettes. It stayed that way during the race, too, with Mike holding off Eaves' Florida machine by nearly two tenths.

(10) Janis 6.160/226.98 (.450) def.
(55) Eaves 6.345/211.21 (.507)

Round 1 - Billes vs. Hill

Al Billes and his tough Canadian machine unfortunately were the next to enter the "rotate the earth" club with dire consequences. With a killer 60 foot time his only prize, Janis went up in smoke as Bill Hill's Budweiser Nitro car recorded new personal bests in the win. 

(54) Hill 6.277/231.95 (.476) def.
(11) Billes 8.361/121.83 (.453)

Round 1 - McAmis vs. Moore

Another upset! Inaugural IHRA Pro Mod world champ Tim McAmis recorded a flat run in his Split Second Corvette and that's all Pat Moore needed in the "other" Ed Steffey '57. Moore got off the line first and McAmis never came around him. Both cars recorded identical ETs and Moore held off McAmis by .025 seconds (7.8 feet).

(53) Moore 6.340/219.08 (.486) def.
(12) McAmis 6.340/212.91 (.511)

Round 1 - Hahn vs. Distefano

Fred Hahn in the Summit Machine was up against the most photographed car from the early NHRA Western season, Rick Distefano's gorgeous Northwest Corvette. Both cars made clean, solid runs, and Hahn held off the new piece, despite slight personal bests for Distefano.

(13) Hahn 6.173/230.82 (.462) def.
(52) Distefano 6.270/210.82 (.484)

Round 1 - Irving vs. Baucom

Neither Irving's Nitro Coupe nor Baucom's Vanishing Point Race Cars machine made its best pass in this match up. A Baucom holeshot made it somewhat close, but Irving won by two cars.

(14) Irving 6.367/216.71 (.480) def.
(51) Baucom 6.517/207.75 (.432)

Round 1 - Rieger vs. Keys

Bob Rieger's high dollar '57 was up next against Wayne Keys' unique Tectaloy BMW. Key's grabbed a super .422 to .507 holeshot, but his decent 6.33 was swallowed whole by Rieger's 6.05 at 233. The by-now spoiled crowd woke back up on that one! Rieger: Cubic money spent well, baby.

(15) Rieger 6.056/233.94 (.507) def.
(50) Keys 6.333/218.07 (.422)

Round 1 - Judd vs. Kuhns

Robin Judd's Western Australia based Moonshine Bandit car was one of the first into the 6.20s and 6-teens, but had been relatively silent of late. Kirk Kuhns was no stranger to Ozzie fans as he toured there with his awesome blown Corvette a few seasons ago. Robin found the performance handle again and got new personal bests as he easily outdistanced the Californian in this match.

(16) Judd 6.130/226.01 (.489) def.
(49) Kuhns 6.350/220.04 (.537)

Round 1 - Nickelson vs. Hood

Not much to say here. Longtime NHRA Comp door guy Dan Nickelson has been tearing up the Super Chevy tour lately, but didn't get the job done here. Pro Mod and Quick 8 veteran Ronnie Hood got down the track closer to potential in Roy Hill's nitrous machine and that's all she wrote.

(48) Hood 6.350/214.95 (.472) def.
(17) Nickelson 6.426/215.15 (.468)

Round 1 - Petterwood vs. Harper

Amazingly, we are only two the number 18 vs. number 47 cars, but both cars are 6.20 cars. That means that all remaining cars in round one are no more than .08 different in their personal bests. Clear favorites, if such a thing ever existed at this event, are now GONE. 

Billy Harper still flogs the nitrous combination and apparel magnate Kym Petterwood has gone the blown route. Petterwood, based on 6.20 to 6.28 personal bests, was a slight favorite, and his .466 to .519 advantage off the line did nothing to change that. However, this is a magical afternoon and Billy Harper took off in hot pursuit. The Kentucky Dodge caught and BOOMED past the Ozzie Corvette at 1000 feet, resetting Todd Howard's minutes old all-time numbers for nitrous Pro Modified cars. The crowd erupted in cheers!

(47) Harper 6.139/239.74 (.519) def.
(18) Petterwood 6.249/221.51 (466)

Round 1 - Cannon vs. Gratz

There was a time when one name struck fear into all Pro Mod competitors whether legal or outlaw. That name is Scotty Cannon. However, as he's been off chasing the nitro funny car demon on the NHRA tour, Scotty's been away from the doorslammers for several years. That means his once dominant 6.200 qualifier is now but a mid field number now. Opponent Peter Gratz has been fighting the Ozzie Top Doorslammer wars for years, and nearly laid claim to the first 230 pass with his booming 229 mph clocking at Willowbank in 1999. This reporter was there to see that run thanks to the unending generosity of Victor Bray. (In fact, Victor's 1998/1999 Aussie Top Doorslammer trophy is a mere glance away as I type these words...) But on to the race...

Gratz got the jump off the line with a .439 to .466 advantage and never lost that advantage. Many expected a surprise from Scotty, but the Oakley-bedecked one came up about 14 feet short. Gratzy's numbers were personal bests and he finally got that 230 mph time slip.

(46) Gratz 6.232/232.97 (.439) def.
(19) Cannon 6.249/221.51 (.466)

Round 1 - Taylor vs. Castellana

Frank Taylor lined up the Taylor Bros. blown Texas car against Mike Castellana's big Western Beef '57 Chevy. Taylor is a legend in the Southwest, but only recently has begun to be noticed by the rest of the country. Castellana's been fighting the IHRA Pro Mod wars for years now. At the hit, Mike lit the red eye and handed the race to Taylor. Frank either didn't see that or didn't care, as he rocketed to new personal best numbers. It's amazing that Mike's was the first redlight of the day with the pressure of this unreal field.

(20) Taylor 6.151/225.84 (.489) def.
(45) Castellana 6.447/210.77 (.383 foul)

Round 1 - Critchley vs. Martin

The temporal anomaly put Ozzie Troy Critchley back in Johnny Rocca's Ironhorse Mercury for this race. Facing the big blue lead sled was brainy Harold Martin and his high tech fuel injected nitrous machine. At the green Harold NAILED Troy at the line, .423 to .535. In addition to that, the Ironhorse was set on KILL, and smoked the tires immediately. Martin was off, but Troy recovered and began to gain ground. The top end speeds told the tale, as Martin's mount went flat and sent Rocca & Critchley on to round two.

(21) Critchley 6.329/219.24 (.535) def.
(44) Martin 6.516/209.10 (.423)

Round 1 - Mauney vs. Russo

Veteran Pro Mod chassis builder and driver Tommy Mauney brought the blown Gotham City Corvette up against unknown John Russo and his nitrous Corvette. In another in a string of unbelievable upsets, Mauney went up in smoke at the hit, with a 60 foot time indicating a potential low 6.0. Potential don't win races, though! In the other lane, Russo ran almost unopposed but made a clean, smooth run. Fans expected to see a mid six pop up on the board but went crazy when the scoreboards flashed an unbelievable 6.132 at 231! For the third time this round, the all time ET mark for nitrous cars had been reset!

(43) Russo 6.132/231.30 (.425) def.
(22) Mauney 7.521/155.14 (.452) 

Round 1 - Nordhougen vs. Moyer

The first pair after a slight shower are Jim Nordhougen and his Nitro Coupe vs. Carl Moyer in his nitrous '57. A slight holeshot by Moyer keeps it close, but Nordhougen's nitro horsepower takes charge and passes Carl at 1000 feet. Both cars record personal bests in this super match.

(23) Nordhougen 6.166/232.97 (.439) def.
(42) Moyer 6.223/227.56 (.424)

Round 1 - Pittman vs. Phillips

Up next was the Westbrook Motorsports Grave Digger car and Alan Pittman against Gary Phillips and the Lucas Oil Products Studebaker from Australia. Of course, veteran American drag fans remember Phillips from his stints in the Captain Crazy nitro funny car and other rides. Phillips has driven funnies (fuel and alky), alky dragsters, and now blown alky doorslammers, all with a high degree of success. At the hit, the Gravedigger immediately went up in smoke while Gary got away cleanly. The Lucas car marched through the lights to record personal best times while the home town team suffered disappointment.

(41) Phillips 6.234/230.35 (.470) def.
(24) Pittman 7.261/166.35 (.477)

Round 1 - Greytak vs. Kerunsky

An unusual pair was up next. Dave Greytak's Grand Pop's Toy '38 Chevy Nitro Coupe vs. Glen Kerunsky and Breckenridge Excavating Pickup Truck. Kerunsky took the lead off the line, but the world's quickest truck couldn't hold off the nitro car. Greytak passed the pickup at the top end to win by a "trucklength." Both machines recorded personal best times.

(25) Greytak 6.128/233.88 (.464) def.
(40) Kerunsky 6.216/227.56 (.424)

Round 1 - Jenkins vs. Smith

This match up had nitrous fans salivating. If other drivers were going 6-teens in nitrous machines, what on earth could the "Iceman" and "Trickie Rickie" do? At this event, a meeting between two nitrous cars was an unusual event, too. There were no big numbers in this match up, although Rickie went for them. Rickie's 60 foot time indicated a possible 6.07 (!), but the track wouldn't hold what the trickster was trying to give it. Smith went up in smoke -- BAD -- and Jenkins, who went the conservative route, took the first round win.

(26) Jenkins 6.287/220.10 (.477) def.
(39) Smith 9.842/90.68 (.484)

Round 1 - Ashley vs. Hoover

Mike's pretty new Infinet '41 Willys (gee -- remember THOSE in Pro Mod?) faced Ed Hoover in the Trussell car, still sporting the nitrous combo. Both cars went up in smoke at the hit, but Hoover recovered quickly and went on to capture the win.

(38) Hoover 6.310/224.21 (.530) def.
(27) Ashley 7.167/170.22 (.457)

Round 1 - Rowe vs. Athey

West Coast tough guy Danny Rowe then faced Paul Athey in Johnny Rocca's Mohegan Sun Mercury. Hey, didn't Critchley already race this car? Hey, it's that temporal anomaly again! Neither car really reached its potential on this run, but Rowe had to be especially disappointed after leaving a .393 redlight glowing. 

(37) Athey 6.490/207.42 (.476) def.
(28) Rowe 6.453/208.33 (.393 foul)

Round 1 - Quain Stott vs. Neyer

Any chance of a Stott Brothers final went away in the next round. Facing Andy Neyer's pretty purple Corvette, Quain left second and finished a tenth behind. Neyer, one of the few primarily NHRA-based cars, recorded personal bests in the win.

(36) Neyer 6.206/230.06 (.436) def.
(29) Q Stott 6.303/224.94 (.487)

Round 1 - King vs. Stawicki

Drag racing tune-ups are often (always?) about gambling. Too aggressive and you're up in smoke, too conservative and your opponent blows you away. Conservative won this time as Chip King used a 6.28 to defeat Mike Stawicki's G-Force Race Cars machine, which went up smoke while aiming for the 6.0s.

(30) King 6.288/224.04 (.485) def.
(35) Stawicki 6.526/205.38 (.480)

Round 1 - Gray Jr. vs. Searle

Hey, remember that gambling analogy? (You have to go back one whole post .) Well, here's the other side of the coin. Tommy Gray, Jr. took the Undertaker Corvette to a smooth, consistent 6.28 that would have won the previous match. Unfortunately for him, Andrew Searle was finding the combination BIG TIME in his Ford Customline Top Doorslammer. "Searley" recorded new personal bests to blow away the Baltimore machine.

(34) Searle 6.123/231.30 (.425) def.
(31) Gray Jr. 6.289/220.04 (.537)

Round 1 - Kammes vs. Vick

Well, in a 64 car field, the number 32 vs. 33 match up should be the closest one of the round. Well -- and I swear I'm not making this up or otherwise altering the results in any way -- that's exactly what happened! Ron Kammes blown Corvette and Steve Vick's nitrous Camaro left the line welded together and that's the way they stayed down the entire 1320. At the stripe, Vick's nitrous car took the measure of the blown machine by .009 seconds -- that's exactly THREE FEET!

(33) Vick 6.299/221.45 (.454) def.
(32) Kammes 6.307/222.05 (.455)


What a MARATHON! I guess that's what a 64 car first round Pro Mod event looks like. Obviously, it wouldn't take this long in reality, but hey, I got honey-dos to do at the same time (not to mention all the Draglist and Classic Thunder stuff I SHOULD be doing!) I'll just do that later tonight! Off for a few minutes, then get ready for ROUND TWO! 

Round 2 - M Stott vs. Vick

Well, ProModifieds.com webmaster Gary Stroud provided some tuning tips for round two, but I don't know them! Stott covers Vick easily with a 6.10 at only 222 mph. Don't know if that was conservatism or if something went away, but keep in mind what while this was a tenth and a half off his first round time, it's still quicker than 90 percent of the remaining field.

(1) M Stott 6.106/222.16 (.471) def.
(33) Vick 6.250/224.94 (.476)

Round 2 - Christian vs. Searle

Tony Christian survived Bill Kuhlmann's killer in Round One. Did the 63rd qualifier have a chance against Andrew Searle's now 6-teen Customline? Uh, yeah. In a complete role reversal from round one, where Christian's tire shaking 6.50 number only survived Kuhlmann's troubles, the McManama team found the right combo and nailed a great 6.24 at nearly 230 mph. Searley lost the handle a bit and slipped into the 6.30s to suffer the upset loss.

(63) Christian 6.246/229.88 (.453) def.
(34) Searle 6.330/216.45 (.467)

Round 2 - Kapiris vs. King

Peter Kapiris arrived in the second round not on the strength of his 6.0s, but on the quickness of his reactions as he got a holeshot win over the upset-minded Carl Spiering in round one. Chip King arrived via a consistent 6.20 number. Based on first round times, the two cars matched up nicely. However, the Kapiris Bros. found their form and despite a personal best for Chip King, the Ozzie Stude is on to round three.

(3) Kapiris 6.145/228.07 (.407) def.
(30) King 6.233/227.96 (.436)

Round 2 - Muenks vs. Neyer

Both racers hit personal bests in round one, Muenks to the tune of an amazing 6.03/237, Neyer to the tune of a 6.20/230. Could they keep up the pace? Yes and no. As in Muenks yes and Neyer no. Muenks stayed in the 6.0 zone for the win (quicker than Mitch Stott in this round) and Neyer slipped to a 6.38 for the loss.

(4) Muenks 6.096/232.79 (.421) def.
(36) Neyer 6.380/217.70 (.431)

Round 2 - Lockwood vs. Athey

WHAT A RACE!!! Mike Lockwood and Paul Athey both showed up in the second round on via upset wins in round one. Lockwood shook to a 6.54 when the heavily favored Brett Stevens boiled the hides and Athey won with a slower time when Danny Rowe redlighted. This was a battle to show the tough guys that they still deserved to be in this race, and what a battle it was! At the green, Lockwood grabbed a .432 to .486 holeshot advantage. Athey's big, blown, orange Mohegan Sun Mercury started to hunt him down. The cars went through the top end lights as one, but the win light came on in Lockwood's lane. The holeshot held, and his 6.40 sent Athey and Rocca's 6.35 home. The margin of victory? How about . 002 seconds and 11 INCHES!

(60) Lockwood 6.404/220.69 (.432) def.
(37) Athey 6.353/216.50 (.486)

Round 2 - Patterson vs. Hoover

Thomas Patterson ran a consistent 6-teen number in round one to hold off Todd Howard's then-quickest nitrous run. Ed Hoover and the Trussell Motorsports team defeated Mike Ashley after both cars went up in smoke with aggressive tune ups. Hoover ran a 6.31 in round one, but the 60 foot time promised more. Did they back it down enough for round two and their match up deadly Patterson. Yes. Yes, they did. Patterson grabbed the holeshot with another telepathic light, but the Corvette seemed to have lost something and the Trussells certainly found something. Hoover boomed into the third round with another nitrous 'teen.

(38) Hoover 6.190/233.03 (.440) def.
(6) Patterson 6.280/214.79 (.411)

Round 2 - Merick vs. Jenkins

Randy Merick, through the magic of Match Race Madness, returned to his 6-teen Bill Kuhlmann tune-up for a round one win. Shannon Jenkins defeated Rickie Smith in round one by staying ultra conservative while Smith went up in smoke. Would Shannon now make the incremental tune-up improvements he needed to take on Merick's big nitro fueled Corvette? Could Merick stay consistent? Let's find out, shall we? Merick grabbed the holeshot over Shannon, .441 to .461, but that was about the only place he led the race. The Iceman "cameth" and laid down his first 6-teen to send the Nitro Coupe to the showers.

(26) Jenkins 6.172/228.36 (.461) def.
(7) Merick 6.291/217.18 (.441)

Round 2 - B Bray vs. Greytak

This was an interesting match up. The Ozzie teen clearly had run a soft 6.21 for a round one win, while Greytak ran a best ever 6.12 at 233. Could young Ben drop a tenth to take out Grand Pop? Or would Grand Pop run a 6.0 with his Nitro Coupe? Well, he tried to -- and he paid for it. At the hit, the cars left evenly, with Ben taking a slight .441 to .443 advantage. But Grand Pops Toy started smoking 'em like at Bakersfield '64 and that was all she wrote. Ben Bray cranked through for the win.

(8) B Bray 6.153/230.06 (.441) def.
(25) Greytak 7.364/161.95 (.443)

Round 2 - V Bray vs. Phillips

How many times have you seen this in drag racing? Two guys from basically the same area facing off in an early round. In this case, they came literally halfway around the world, but it could just as well be Willowbank on a Saturday night. Victor Bray vs. Gary Phillips, Castrol '57 Chevy vs. Lucas Oil Studebaker. Burn rubber, not oil, baby! At the hit, Phillips grabbed a .429 to .468 advantage, but that was about the last time he led. While off his 6.05/249 mph first round pace, Victah's 6.21 at 236 was enough to handle Gary's further off pace 6.41 at 217.

(9) V Bray 6.211/236.96 (.468) def.
(41) Phillips 6.411/217.81 (.429)

Round 2 - Janis vs. Nordhougen

This looked to be a killer match up as both cars went 6.16 in round one. IHRA legal Pro Mod vs. Super Chevy Nitro Coupe for bragging rights. It was pretty even at the green with Janis taking a slight .438 to .440 jump. The race was uneventful as both cars lost a step from round one, but Nordhougen lost more. At the top end, Janis had him by a car.

(10) Janis 6.290/217.70 (.438) def.
(23) Nordhougen 6.340/220.26 (.440)

Round 2 - Hill vs. Russo

Up next was a battle of upset winners in round one. Both Bill Hill and John Russo were winners when their more famous opponents, Al Billes and Tommy Mauney, smoked the tires. Hill's nitro coupe probably had a huge horsepower advantage over John Russo's nitrous combo, but who could get down the track? It was John "Who?" Russo and it wasn't even close. After tattooing Hill at the line, the nitrous car ran away and hid from the big Budweiser rig.

(43) Russo 6.347/215.93 (.413) def.
(54) Hill 6.439/220.42 (.496)

Round 2 - Moore vs. Critchley

Both Pat Moore in Ed Steffey's machine and Troy Critchley in the Ironhorse ran 6.30 numbers in round one but they were different sorts of runs. Moore upset Tim McAmis with a safe 6.34. Troy Critchley went up in smoke trying for a 6.0 and was lucky to recover to a 6.32 win when Harold Martin shook the tires. Rocca and his sandal wearing mate slowed down the 'Horse just enough to smash Steffey's '57 in round two. Troy ran his and the Ironhorse's best ever times to advance.

(21) Critchley 6.157/231.66 (.452) def.
(53) Moore 6.407/214.54 (.511) 

Round 2 - Hahn vs. Taylor

OH MY!!! Both Fred Hahn and Frank Taylor had run 6-teen numbers in round one, but we didn't know those were just tune up runs! At the green, Frank Taylor took off like a scalded cat with a .446 to .500 advantage over Jim Oddy's Summit Machine. Hahn started to reel in the Texas Corvette but just ran out of real estate. When the scoreboards rang up the numbers, the crowd went ballistic -- Taylor had won with a holeshot 6.07 over Hahn's 6.05!

(20) Taylor 6.078/231.30 (.446) def.
(13) Hahn 6.057/239.74 (.500)

Round 2 - Irving vs. Gratz

Gary Irving won round one with a way off pace 6.36. Peter Gratz upset Scotty Cannon with a career best 6.23. Was Irving's nitro coupe ripe for another upset? Not this time. Irving still hadn't found his 6-teen capability, but Gratz lost a few tenths and that told the story.

(14) Irving 6.311/220.58 (.460) def.
(46) Gratz 6.408/220.31 (.465)

Round 2 - Rieger vs. Harper

Bob Rieger and Billy Harper were two of the biggest monsters in round one, Rieger with a 6.05 to take out Wayne Keys and Harper with a 6.13 to take out Petterwood. In this huge blower vs. nitrous battle? Why, the one who left first, of course! Harper grabbed a .463 to .494 advantage at the line and he needed it as both cars rang up identical elapsed 6.24 elapsed times! The Pride of Paducah advanced by .032 seconds (10.4 feet!)

(47) Harper 6.246/231.60 (.463) def.
(15) Rieger 6.246/219.88 (.494)

Round 2 - Judd vs. Hood

OK, here we go again, number 16 vs. number 17. Should be close right? Was last time. Not this time! Robin Judd got here via a personal best 6.13/226 that dusted Kirk Kuhns in round one. Ronnie Hood survived a race with a favored Dan Nickelson in which neither hit their bests. Well, Robin Judd and the Moonshine Bandit crew found something this weekend because they followed up the 6.13 with an amazing 6.069 at 230 to completely outclass Ronnie's 6.47 effort. 

(16) Judd 6.069/230.59 (.424) def.
(48) Hood 6.476/213.37 (.476)


That's it for Round 2! Man, when I started this deal today, I had no idea it would take so long. I guess it doesn't take that long to run the thing, but how about reporting on each round while doing a honey do list and answering the phone? Gotta finish tonight because guess what? This is tomorrow's story of the day at draglist.com (gotta kill two birds with one stone). Also, when the working week hits, there's no guarantee of getting stuff done! So... get ready for round three: the sweet 16! 

Round 3 - M Stott vs. Judd

OH MAN... here we go! Mitch Stott -- the Five Second Marauder -- vs. Robin Judd -- the Ozzie on a mission! Stott's Radiac Abrasives Corvette with World Champ Jimmy Rector (along with help from Wild Bill Severino and Gary Stroud) not only entered the event as the world's only five second car, but it REMAINS the world's only five second car here in this ultimate field of doorslammers! Stott dropped his own world record by a half tenth in round one with a crushing 5.93, but he slipped to a 6.10 in round two. Just taking it easy or had the Radiac team lost something. Robin Judd, on the other hand, was seeking respect. The Western Australian team followed Fred Hahn by mere DAYS in the race to be the first non-nitro doorslammer in the teens. Judd and his Moonshine Bandit were also one of the world's first 6.20 cars. Their efforts have been overshadowed in recent years, however, by the Bray clan and the Kapiris Bros. The ProModifieds.com/Draglist.com All-Time Pro Mod Championships had been their coming out party, however. A great 6.13 in round one was followed by a 6.06 in round two that amazingly, gives Judd lane choice over Mitch Stott. Here we go!

At the hit, Judd grabbed a HUGE holeshot, .448 to .520. What was Mitch thinking? Was he just playing it safe to avoid a redlight? The light turquoise, bullet hole riddled Studebaker had a huge lead and took off. Surely, Stott would make up the ground and pass Judd.... Surely, he will...? Surely, he's about to make his move... Well, it didn't happen and quit calling me Shirley. Despite what the numbers showed in the last round, the crowed sat in stunned silence when the scoreboards flashed the truth: Mr. Five Seconds had been gunned down in cold blood by the Moonshine Bandit. Judd ran a consistent 6.150 as expected. However, Stott's 6.159 (at a tell tale 218.34 mph) was NOT expected. And with the holeshot, it wasn't even close (about 25 feet). 

Prognosticators throughout the Darlington grounds were shaking their heads and quickly trying to determine a new event favorite. When contacted for comment about this, track manager Larry Hensley stated, "Don't bother me kid. I'm still counting the gate."

(16) Judd 6.150/224.55 (.448) def.
(1) M Stott 6.159/218.34 (.520)

Round 3 - Christian vs. Harper

Talk about an unlikely third round pairing. This is supposed to be the number 2 vs. number 15 match up, not the number 63 vs. number 47 match up! But that's what it was. Tony Christian and the McManama BAE Corvette and Billy Harper's nitrous Viper were doing what they needed to do to advance. But who wins when two giant killers meet and the giants are gone?

At the hit, Pro Stock, Pro Street, and Pro Mod veteran Christian grabbed a .444 to .460 lead. The blown Corvette increased that lead slightly at each increment, eventually putting away the big Mopar with new personal best times as both blew through the lights at 230 plus. It had been a terrific day for Harper's nitrous machine, but reality finally set in.

(63) Christian 6.183/232.97 (.444) def.
(47) Harper 6.252/231.18 (.460)

Round 3 - Kapiris vs. Irving

Ozzie Peter Kapiris and Canadian Gary Irving were two of the quickest cars in attendance -- in theory. However, they both have been winning despite running well off their potentials. Are they just playing it safe and saving the good stuff for later rounds? Or are they experiencing problems? Kapiris seemed to wake up a bit with a 6.14 win over Chip King in round two, but Irving again squeaked out a win over Peter Gratz at only 6.31. Was it time for these two slumbering behemoths to wake? Or would the hibernation continue?

Well, the Canadian went back to the cave real quick in this match. Kapiris (as he had done in prior rounds) leapt off the line with an amazing .405 reaction time. Irving was pretty close at .436. But that's where any semblance of a close race ended. While Irving again struggled to get the nitro coupe to perform, the Kapiris Bros. blasted through the quarter to record a new personal best time and to solidify their lock on being the third quickest doorslammer in history.

(3) Kapiris 6.021/237.59 (.405) def.
(14) Irving 6.268/223.60 (.436)

Round 3 - Muenks vs. Taylor

Based on his consistent 6.0 performance today, Ron Muenks' Missouri based, automatic shifted machine would probably generate cries of FOUL in any officially sanctioned event. However, this is an OUTLAW event and anything goes! Frank Taylor also has found his way into the 6.0 zone and took out a MAJOR giant in an upset holeshot win over Fred Hahn in round two. It's time to see who goes on to round four...

Muenks grabbed a .431 to .455 holeshot and it was hasta la bye-bye as Taylor wasn't up for one more giant killing. The Missouri Screamer rolled through the lights at 6.13/230 as Taylor lost a few steps.

(4) Muenks 6.132/230.06 (.431) def.
(20) Taylor 6.282/216.55 (.455)

Round 3 - Lockwood vs. Critchley

Mike Lockwood was enjoying a fine day at the ProModifieds.com/Draglist.com all-time Pro Mod event. The nitrous campaigner got in the field in the 60th position, then steadily kept running 6.30s and leaving the line on time, daring all the blown cars to beat him. None had to this point. Troy Critchley and Johnny Rocca were enjoying their reunion in the temporal anomaly. The Ironhorse was running big numbers and catching folks in the lights. Would Lockwood's charmed life continue against the Ozzie and the Indian? Well, Mike did his part. Just as he had all day, he got off the line first, .426 to .456. He then ran his a consistent 6.35. Now all Critchley had to do was mess up. SORRY, MATE! Ain't gonna happen! Troy flogged the big blue Mercury through the lights at 6.16/230 to end the fairy tale for Lockwood.

(21) Critchley 6.167/230.88 (.456) def.
(60) Lockwood 6.350/224.49 (.426)

Round 3 - Hoover vs. Russo

Ed Hoover and the Trussell Motorsports team had been following their usual plan all day -- just win, baby. They weren't always the quickest, but they got the job done. Then a 6.19 in round two set them up as one of the killer nitrous cars. John "Who?" Russo came from Massachusetts with a nitrous powered Corvette and proceeded to take out two of the big shots in rounds one and two. Now, these two nitrous Corvettes had to meet to determine who would go on to face the 6.0 and 6.1 blown cars.

The launch was pretty even, with Russo getting off the line first, .436 to .441. After that, it was Hoover pulling away to another win, 6.37 to 6.47. Folks know Hoover and Trussell. After this race, they'll know John Russo, too.

(38) Hoover 6.374/219.78 (.441) def.
(43) Russo 6.472/207.37 (.436)

Round 3 - Jenkins vs. Janis

Wow... getting down to the heavies now. The Iceman had alternated between strategies today. He was consistent when he had to be and damn quick when he had to be. He was up against Mike Janis and the Jan-Cen Automotive blown car for this round. What would be the strategy now? Janis came into the race the tenth quickest in the world, but a first round 6.16 turned into a second round 6.29. Would he have enough to overcome the Iceman's deadly consistency?

At the green, Jenkins NAILED Janis on the tree, .425 to .504! The nitrous Camaro was gone and the supercharged Corvette hunched down and took chase. There was no incremental during the run at which Shannon Jenkins didn't lead -- except the last one. In an amazing come from behind victory, Mike Janis nipped the Iceman in the lights, 6.25 to an off pace 6.34. The margin of victory: .011 seconds, or 3.6 FEET!

(10) Janis 6.256/220.04 (.504) def.
(26) Jenkins 6.346/216.03 (.425)

Round 3 - B Bray vs. V Bray

Uh oh! Battle of son vs. dad here. I saw this kid racing Junior Dragsters back in 1999 and here he is, racing against Mr. Everything in Aussie Doorslammer racing for years, his father, Victor Bray. Ben has actually been quicker all day. Victor jokes that Ben's always ragging him about being the quicker of the two by one thousandth of a second. Victor retorts that the kid can talk when he brings him a 245 (now 249) mph time slip! Will the kid beat the old man? Will the old man teach the kid a lesson? Will Ben get to sleep indoors tonight? Let's find out...

At the green light, the old man showed a lot more youth than the youngster, .455 to .506. It's awful hard to catch Victor Bray horsepower when you're behind, but Ben did his best. The two Chevys were glued together through the lights, but Victor held off Ben to win this round for the parents on a holeshot! The margin of victory was .017 seconds (5.5 feet!) Ben, go to your room!

(9) V Bray 6.317/229.06 (.455) def.
(8) B Bray 6.283/220.64 (.506)


That's it for Round Three mates. Hey, I didn't know I'd be doing this well into the time when our Ozzie friends are waking up and going to the keyboards! Well, if our friends from DAN UNDA are just joining us, we are running an imaginary all-time unlimited doorslammer race. It started early on Sunday and I've been running with the Draglist.com Match Race Madness computer game. Outdated but fun, it's given us something to read since the Rockingham IHRA race got rained out. The Ozzies are doing great! 

Round 4 - Judd vs. V Bray

Robin Judd had to be thinking, here I am again. I'm doing great but who do I have lined up against me? It's that damned Castrol Chevy again. How many times had Robin Judd been on his way to a win when he had to face Victory Bray's overpowering TFX powered machine? Bray, as with so many other winning drag racers, is not always the quickest car at the track (although in Victor's case, he's usually the fastest). But Victor knows how to win. Even when other cars seem to have a performance advantage, Victor Bray finds a way. Would that happen again today? Judd had been running GREAT, taking out the best in the world, including THE MAN, Mitch Stott. Victor had been winning, too, but had not really set the world on fire with performance after an amazing 6.05/249 pass in round one. In fact, Bray need a holeshot to get by his son Ben in round three and only recorded a 6.31. But would that old magic shine again for the six time Ozzie champ?

Robin Judd had left the line first in every one of his matches today and this one was no different. He got out on Victor to the tune of .428 to .456. So far, so good. But would the big Castrol Chevy chase him down? Mitch Stott couldn't, but could Victor? 

NO!!! Robin Judd exorcised all his Victor Bray demons with a commanding 6.195 to outdistance the black Chevy's off pace 6.37. Robin Judd had won one for the Western Ozzie fans and this might have been bigger than the win over Stott.

(16) Judd 6.195/221.29 (.428) def.
(9) V Bray 6.378/224.66 (.456) 

Round 4 - Christian vs. Janis

Tony Christian and the McManama team picked a good time to hit their peak. Coming into the race in the 63rd position, they marched through eliminations, getting quicker each round and finally finding the 6-teens at 230 plus. Mike Janis and Jan-Cen car were potentially one of the quickest on the grounds, but had used a high teen, a high 6.20, and a mid 6.20 to get to this point. Would Christian find even more from his blown combo? Would Janis finally wake up and run the numbers he was capable of?

Christian leapt off the line first, .454 to .501, but the car was noticeably less potent than on earlier runs. Janis and his team, on the other hand, finally unleashed the full potential of their Corvette. Mike hit new personal bests to end Christian's day. But Tony Christian and the McManama team definitely made their mark on the fans today.

(10) Janis 6.107/230.94 (.501) def.
(63) Christian 6.396/217.75 (.454)

Round 4 - Kapiris vs. Hoover

The Kapiris Bros. are enjoying their time on the world stage today. They have found the 6.0s down under, but not many knew about them. Today, Peter Kapiris used 6.0s and 6-teens along with razor sharp reaction times to take out the best in the business. However, they now were lined up against Ed Hoover, one of the most respected names in Pro Mod racing since before there WAS a Pro Mod. Hoover, like Victor Bray, Shannon Jenkins, and a few others, has been able to win consistently in this category for over a decade, despite not always being the fastest car out there. He was in this situation again. Could the Trussell Motorsports nitrous car, mired in the 6.30s for the post few runs, hope to meet the 6.0 challenge of the Kapiris Bros.? Could the Kapiris Bros. keep their cool and run up to potential despite facing a living legend?

Ed Hoover got off the line first, .448 to .478. It was the first time Kapiris had been left on all day, but it was a wise move on his part. Those 4-OH lights were totally unnecessary, given his performance advantage. The magic just wasn't there on this pass for Ed Hoover and the Trussells, as Kapiris indeed met his potential with an overpowering 6.06 win over Hoover's game 6.36.

(3) Kapiris 6.067/234.00 (.478) def.
(38) Hoover 6.368/220.15 (.448)

Round 4 - Muenks vs. Critchley

Ron Muenks and the Automatic Boys from Missouri showed amazing horsepower and consistency all day. They started from the number four position and like Kapiris (who started from number three), they showed that they fully deserved that spot by taking on all comers. Troy Critchley was reunited with Johnny Rocca through our imaginations and based on the results of today's race, perhaps they'd better get back together in the real world! Starting from the 21st qualifying position, Troy and Johnny got consistently quicker each round and the Ironhorse is steaming along as never before. Round three saw Muenks defeat Frankie Taylor with a 6.13 and saw Troy defeat Mike Lockwood's overachieving Corvette with a 6.16. Could the teens continue for these two?

Muenks grabbed an immediate half tenth advantage at the green, the .446 to .494 numbers warming the hearts of Central U.S. fans everywhere. That warm feeling turned to a cold knot, however, as Australia and Virginia combined to take out the Missouri boys in an upset. Muenks stumbled only slightly, running 6.26, but Rocca and Critchley continued to improve mightily, finding the 6.0s for the win.

(21) Critchley 6.089/236.84 (.494) def.
(4) Muenks 6.260/220.75 (.446)


That's it for Round 4 of the ProModifieds.com/Draglist.com All-Time Unlimited Doorslammer Challenge! We are down to FOUR CARS...

Robin Judd - Moonshine Bandit Studebaker - Aussie Top Doorslammer
Mike Janis - Jan-Cen Automotive - IHRA Pro Modified
Peter Kapiris - Kapiris Bros. Studebaker - Aussie Top Doorslammer
Troy Critchley - Johnny Rocca's Ironhorse - IHRA Pro Modified

Wow... not a Nitro Coupe, Top Sportsman car, or OUTLAW Pro Mod in the bunch!!!


Round 5 - Judd vs. Critchley

Here we go folks, three of the drivers remaining in the semis are Australians, but one of them is driving for an American. And I DO mean an American -- Johnny Rocca, a proud member of the Native American Tuscarora Tribe. We've just laid it all out for you in previous posts. Robin Judd is having his best day ever, realizing the potential of the blown Studebaker and shining for all the world to see. Troy Critchley and Johnny Rocca continue to take huge chunks out of their personal best times, running the big lead sled Mercury to its best times. Critchley has lane choice based on his superb 6.08 from the previous round. There, he defeated Ron Muenks. "Juddy" recorded a consistent 6.19 to take out Victor Bray. Will Judd's consistency continue? Can Rocca and Critchley run another 6.0?

The machines left the line nearly as one with Robin getting a .449 to .454 advantage. The big blue Mercury immediately went up in tire smoke, however, as Rocca and Critchley went to the well one too many times in search of elusive low 6.0s. The Moonshine Bandit stayed straight and true to record a fine 6.15 win and to make the final round of the "biggest Pro Mod race in the history of drag racing!"

(16) Judd 6.155/224.15 (.449) def.
(21) Critchley 8.662/117.03 (.454)

Round 5 - Janis vs. Kapiris

Here we go with the other big semi final. Mike Janis finally found the low 6-teens in round four after bouncing between the mid teens and the 6.20s all day. Hey, it worked because here he is. The IHRA legal car showed that he can run with all the outlaw cars with consistent application horsepower. In the other lane (and with lane choice by four hundredths) are the all-conquering Kapiris Bros. Folks unfamiliar with this team seem to keep waiting for them to mess up. Surely, they aren't going to come here to the United States and run over all our top dogs with a barrage of 6.0s? Hey, you're calling me Shirley again.... Could the Kapiris Bros. stay consistent in a zone where so many others had smoked the tires today? Or now that Janis had found his low 'teen tune-up, would he take out these Ozzie upstarts?

Janis got off the line first, but not by much, .462 to .470. Shortly past the tree, however, it was apparent that this was going to be a clear victory -- for the Australians, that is. Peter Kapiris amazingly kept the Studebaker in the groove and got the traction to record an astounding 6.02 to retire Janis' off pace 6.26.

The finals would be two Australian Top Doorslammers, one from the East and one from the West!

(3) Kapiris 6.029/236.96 (.470) def.
(10) Janis 6.260/219.78 (.462)


That's it for the semifinals, folks! Cheers to all our Ozzie friends as their boys are in the finals... let's get to it, so we can get this race in before our 2am curfew! 

Round 6 - Judd vs. Kapiris

THE FINALS! Now that they've defeated the entire world, it's time for Western Australia and Eastern Australia to face off to determine which have of the continent gets bragging rights. Robin Judd has gotten here on consistent six-teens and good reaction times. Peter Kapiris has gotten here on amazing performances, plus a series of nearly telepathic reaction times. Amazingly, after all the top doorslammer drivers in the world finishing butting heads, two blown Studebakers from the land down under are meeting. Will the Kapiris Bros. pull out another low six-OH or maybe even a five? Will Robin Judd be able to hold off the Kapiris machine with teens or will he try to step up?

At the hit, Kapiris took the early lead -- in a BIG way, .422 to .488. Before the fans could react to that, however, Robin Judd's machine went into heavy tire smoke. It was over... Peter Kapiris took the Kapiris Bros. machine through the lights to take the win. In another role reversal, the Kapiris team decided to back it off a bit to accommodate for the dewy conditions. Judd and company, apparently in an effort to match the 6.0 Kapiris car, had indeed thrown the entire tool box into their motor before the final.

What an amazing day of doorslammer drag racing. Congratulations to Peter Kapiris and the Kapiris Bros. for taking the inaugural Pro Modifieds.com/Draglist.com All-Time Unlimited Doorslammer Championships. Good on ya, mates! 

(3) Kapiris 6.189/224.83 (.422) def.
(16) Judd 7.884/136.63 (.488)


Well, that's it folks. Man, oh man, did this thing ever go long! It was kind of like one of those old Southern California Funny Car races from the '70s. In fact, check out the times. It was JUST like a '70s funny car race in terms of the times recorded, too. 

Doorslammer racing is by far the most popular form of drag racing around the globe in terms of participation. There are more Pro Mod type cars than any other car on the Drag Racing Lists and the variety of machines is amazing. Clearly, racers from all around the globe are competitive. We just saw two Ozzies take the entire thing away from all the big U.S. and Canadian teams. Although Europe was represented by only one car this time around, I look for more and faster cars to come from Scandinavia soon. 

Thanks for reading this extremely long post. It was done with the Draglist.com Match Race Madness PC game. If you don't know, it's a little thing I wrote to teach myself computer programming some 18 years ago. It's awfully clunky next to the high tech computer games available today, but as I hope today's "action" showed, with a little imagination, it's an enjoyable, if low tech, way to pass some time. I need to update the game databases with the latest Draglist updates. I'll do that this week. After I do, I'll post a link here so you can download the game yourself and give it a try. 

Thanks to Gary Stroud for providing the space to run this thread. Thanks to all the ProModifieds.com readers who asked for this race and who offered encouragement today. And to all the teams who "lost" today, I hope you realize that this was all in fun. All times were based on your actual and/or potential performances and a range of possible ETs based on the average elapsed time for outlaw doorslammers as recorded in the drag racing lists. It was all done in random fashion and I had no idea what would happen until we ran each "race."

NOTE: THIS WAS A GAME AND WAS INTENDED FOR ENTERTAINMENT ONLY. NONE OF THESE PERFORMANCES ACTUALLY TOOK PLACE. PLEASE DO NOT REPORT THIS AS AN ACTUAL RACE! However, if you do feel like "reporting" this race, feel free, so long as you let folks know it was a computer simulation only and not an actual event.

By the way, we just updated the Match Race Madness Drag Racing Game with racers from the early 2003 racing season. Get your free download of Match Race Madness at the following URL.



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