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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

Racing with an Addict

By Pat Foster

When Rocky Childs first went to Top Fuel, his car had R&R Engines on the cowl. This stood for Rocky & Ron. (Ron Winkel) This was my first ride at the drags and everything went fine until our first 'tour' into the great Northwest. I started driving the rig and then Rocky took over in Oregon somewhere. I awoke several times as he would get off the road onto the shoulder as if he was drunk. 

At this time in my life, I knew little of diabetes and learned later he was having reactions to low blood sugar. He finally pulled over and asked me to drive awhile. He then gave himself a shot with a syringe and took some pills. I'm brand new to this race driver deal and all I can think of is: "Swell, I've got a fuel car ride and this guy is acting weird and shooting up; must be a dope addict." I sit there for ten more hours trying to figure how to get out of this deal, as I was smart enough to realize I probably shouldn't be driving for an addict.

Later that week, Rocky apologized for his behavior on the highway and explained the whole diabetes, insulin, reaction deal to me... Whew, was I relieved!

A while later we stretched the car and replaced the nose. Ron was with Wenderski by then, so we thought a new name was in order for the hot rod. Naturally, I suggested 'The Addict' ... and now you know how that one came to be.



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