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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

More NHRA National Time Trials Pix and Words

By Phil R. Elliott

Bud King and Bud Prince.
While father and son above tested real Bud King (Photo by Tom West), father and son below toted large-scale model around the Firebird pits. Real car came up with outstanding bunch of consistency and a best for rookie Brandon Bernstein of 4.581/323.12.
Bud model.
Pontiac AA/FD.
Let's see... Real Pontiac powerplant (sort of), old-style trailer, 62 Catalina push/towcar. Must be Steve Barcak's nostalgia Top Fueler. Barcak owns it, drives it, and fabricated nearly every piece of running gear at Pontiac Heaven. He has one goal -- to own the world's quickest and fastest Pontiac. The Chassis is a Stirling.
Norm Drazy.
PSI guru Norm Drazy made the Phoenix scene and helped his alcohol customers with their combinations.
Frank Pedregon.
Frank Pedregon wrestled Jim Dunn's K&N Filters Pontiac through its paces, and still had time to chat with fans.
A big difference in transporters.
There isn't a much bigger comparative difference to be found than the techniques of hauling racecars shown here. Row of aero Kenworths on the upper pit of Firebird Lake has become the norm. Hailing back closer to dragrace origins are the cars and trailers of Earl and Laurie Watts. Car in foreground is Earl's ride, a brand new Stirling, while the further away car is Laurie's - a chassis that dates from about 1963 (with upgrades of course). Both ran career bests over the three days, Earl an 8.45, Laurie a 9.30. That might not sound like much next to what the Pros were running, but they were every bit as elated with their performance increases as anyone else in the pits.
Leo gets a 'hawk.
Junior Dragster 'shoe' gets his dad to tune-up his Mohawk. Is there any wonder who his favorite Professional driver is?
Jay Payne vs. Bill Gallio in TAFC.
Jay Payne was the class of the alcohol FCs in attendance and stormed to a number of strong performances, including 5.739/254, 5.685/250 and 5.646/257. Bill Gallio had hard shake on all of his attempts and nearly clipped the wall on one run.
Bernstein vs. Romine in TF.
Little digital camera is not too good for this type of work but you get the idea that night runs at Phoenix were tremendous. Here, Brandon Bernstein matches wheels with Paul Romine.
The latest Lenco Special.
The latest Lenco testbed is this AA/AM Bantam driven by David Sumek which thundered to a couple of 6.60 timeslips, FAR below its NHRA index.
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