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When we were young and had a little more time in our day to day life, we published a Drag Racing Picture of the Day! Seven days a week, 365 days a year, we featured the finest drag racing photos and artwork from the best amateur and pro photographers and artists across the planet! While we are not able to sustain that pace (at least not until retirement), we do offer some great photography on a regular basis. We are proud to showcase a wide panorama of the drag racing scene from yesterday and today.

New submissions are welcome at any time! Send them to For us to accept the shot, you have to be the photographer, or you have to have purchased the negative from the photographer. Car owners: feel free to submit shots of your car that other photographers took, but we must have the photographer's name and phone number/email address so we can request permission to use the shot. By sending us photos you certify that you took them or that you have undisputed rights to display them.


Bill Pratt


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