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We're Glad You Found Us! is a drag racer's paradise: 110,000+ drag racer stats, 10,000+ links, photos and stories, video clips, free photo classifieds, great columns and features, an online store, a free PC game, and much, much more. 

We list detailed current and historic information on all the world's pro, semipro, exhibition, and quicker sportsman drag racers. We provide access to separate lists for each category of race car and we rank all the world's racers by performance. Race fans and sport professionals alike can view our lists online or download them for local printing or review.

If you are a current or former drag racer, please check the lists to check our information on your racing efforts. It's our intention to list EACH and EVERY driver and racing team who made at least ONE PASS down a drag strip in ANY of the listed categories. AND it is our intention to list these drivers for each and every car they drove, in each and every year they drove them! We are nowhere close yet, but I think we've got more than enough to surprise you! Click on "View Drag Racing Lists" to begin!

In addition to our drag racing lists, we have literally thousands of other pages of drag racing information for you to check out (over 10,000 individual pages as of today. We've published thousands of stories and photos and they are all still online and available. Same thing with our movie clips.

You can browse or search our list of 10,000 drag racing and automotive links. We think it's the biggest and freshest set of drag racing links on the Internet. Or you can browse or search through hundreds of classified ads provided by our partner,

Our message board features the friendliest drag racers and fans in the sport. In fact, we insist on it! It's a strict no flaming, no spamming board. Come on up and say hello! 

We also have great columns to read and lots of little "extras," like our heads up drag racing event calendar. Another neat place to visit is our Desperately Seeking section, where you can search for a lost love one -- whether it's a car or person! 

If you get tired of browsing, download our free Match Race Madness PC game. It's a fun two-out-of-three match racing game with drivers and racing teams taken directly from the current year Drag Racing Lists. You can set up a "fantasy car" in any class of your choice and "take on the stars."

I sincerely hope you enjoy! Set a bookmark and come back often. We update the site daily -- without fail -- and we sort, rank, and upload new racer lists as often as possible -- usually on a monthly basis. Enjoy!

Bill Pratt


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