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Hi Denise and Bill,

Just wanted to let you know that I received the 8x10 Color Glossy Action Shot of Shirley Muldowney's English Leather Dragster today and, of course, as a diehard Shirley Muldowney fan, I was delighted with this photo. The photo is great and your service is great. I couldn't ask for more than that! Thanks and best wishes. Rollen Mason

After I E-Mailed you on Saturday got the videos and the awesome shirt!!! I wore the shirt to work today and I've had a ton of compliments on it and I told everybody where to get them. I'll be ordering other shirts in the near future. The videos were FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!! I attended my first Drag Race in 1972 at a little local track named Fremont Dragstrip (now sadly gone forever). The tapes of the Drags in the 60`s is so cool seeing a lot of my heroes in the real early days. Jungle being my all time favorite and Super Shoe coming in a real close second. Those are the days of REAL Drag Racing when every car had a custom paint job and a name that either described how the car handled or how the driver drove it! The Match Race video brought back so many vivid memories it brought tears to my eyes (it really did!) As soon as I complete my video collection I'm going to start on the pictures. So long for now!!! Your new friend, John Edwards 

"Hi Bill! If there is anyone out there or on the Internet and they think they might have a problem on ordering or the QUALITY of your shirts, or SECURITY on a E-Mail order there is none... As a first time buyer it went perfect, It's like when you build your first Hot Rod and you look at YOUR finished product you cant find anything WRONG. The Biggest kicker of all is the price. I collect Tee Shirts. Once Again Thanx, Bill. - Richard Volpe 

Hello, My name is Eric Johnson and I recently downloaded Match Race Madness from Draglist. I think it is a kick-butt game, and it is so much fun to "race" with my friends and against the National Pros. Your fellow drag racing lover, :) Eric Johnson 

If anyone out there has any hesitation about ordering your photos from the 'Net ask them to shoot me an e-mail. I just received the Don Carlton pics from you and one is a gift to another Mopar-head and the other is getting framed and hung in the garage where our racecar is being built. I just know he's gonna love this pic... Thanks for the prompt service... Marlon Medina

Thanks for the tapes, they are incredible! I watched them all on the day I received them. I discovered a shocking surprise on the "Match Race Chicago Style !" video. While the camera man was shooting cars in the pits, in particular Bruce Larson's USA-1 Camaro, two young boys were in the scene peering into the car. As they turned to face the camera it was me! Along with my friend Ed Espinosa. Twenty-seven years ago, as an eleven year old! I never missed a race in those days. What a thrill, not only are the tapes outstanding, I'm a movie star (at least that' s what I've been telling my wife). Thanks again for the good work, keep it up! Also the shirt was a nice surprise. Your friend, Larry R.

Thanks, guys! Folks, we can't promise you'll see yourself in one of our videos, but we can promise you will love our stuff and our personal service! Bill Pratt

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