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The on-line drag racing community is awash in terrific stories and memories. This internet thing has made it possible for folks to bench race across the country and around the world! Something happens when a bunch of drag racers get together, whether relaxing in the pits or relaxing at the keyboard, and that's STORY TELLIN'! There is so much more texture and humanity to drag racing than the "regular guy" gets to see by reading the weekly newspapers and monthly mags. Wouldn't it be neat to go "behind the scenes" and find out what REALLY goes on when the cameras are off and when the reporters are using discretion? Well, now you can!

I have been privileged to be in on some of the greatest bench racing stories told, both in person and online. Since 300 to 500 emails pass through the gates at daily, plenty of these stories come my way electronically. I told myself that "people have got to see this stuff!" I went to each of the authors of the stories and asked them if I could post the stuff at All said, "No problem!" Most of these are verbatim, but I did have to "clean up" one or two...

Warning: Before you delve into these, be advised that some of them are just a tad racy and a tad on the rough edge. Let's just say there are some foolish, youthful indiscretions on display. On the other hand, there are some terrific, little-known facts you will not find anywhere else!

I posted the Quotes in the order they were posted on the internet. I highly recommend reading every one to round out your drag racing education! I have several more to get up here, and I will get to those very soon. To begin, click to enter one of the sections. Once you are into the quotes, use the buttons at the bottom of the screen to move around.

One - Lee Schelin on Chrisman's Comet; Bobbie Liberman on her and Jim's first funny car; Jim Hill on Gentleman Joe Shubeck famous injector scoop; Tom West on one source of "high tech" Jungle Jim racing parts; Eric Fuller on how Front Engine Dragster racers saw over their engines; Wayne King on big drivers and little cockpits

Two - Tom West on the dangers of drag photography and the seeming invincibility of funny car drivers; Wayne King on big drivers, little cockpits, and the talents of Kent Fuller; Tom West on the debut of Don Cook's pristine "Damn Yankee" AA/FC; Kenny Youngblood with more on Pat Foster and the "Damn Yankee"

Three - Jim Hill remembering a driver with some tall accomplishments; Kenny Youngblood on Pat Foster's stressful Indy excursion; John Ewald on Don Garlits and the first fire burnout at Lion's Drag Strip 

Four - John Bradley on running his flathead-powered dragster at reunions; Bobbie Liberman on the crazy life of the '70s funny car set; Kenny Youngblood on what had to be the bench racin'-est office building in Long Beach; Bobbie Liberman on stress therapy, AA/FC style; Bob Plumer on the exciting, dangerous Beach City Chevrolet funnies

Five - Pete Millar on what the flies represent in his drag racing cartoons; Bruce Wheeler on two kids from D.C. making waves at Lions; Kent Fuller on what happened to the unique Shark fuelers; Tom Hanna on the charms of the Chula Vista, California, "test track"

Six - Jeff Thomas on the end of the American Way streamliner experiment; Pat Foster on a late night '50s fueler test session; Walt Stevens on driving those wild and wooly '60s fuelers; Ron Pellegrini on "track tuning" a four engine dragster; Tom West on the legendary air at Lions Drag Strip

If you have any memorable bench racing stories or quotes or little-known facts you would like to see published in this section, add it to our What's Up section of the Message Board!

I sincerely hope you enjoy this feature. Drop me a line and let me know what you think!

Bill Pratt


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