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Southern Fuel Coupes

Supercharged Funny Cars! Altereds! Pro Mods!

Draglist.com presents the Southern Fuel Coupes!

Draglist.com SFC News Archives
07/08/02 - Don Roddy Wins Draglist Southern Fuel Coupes at Cooper River
07/02/02 - Keith Floyd Doubles Up at Dorchester Draglist Southern Fuel Coupes Event
06/24/02 - Keith Floyd Wins Wilkesboro Southern Fuel Coupes
06/04/02 - Don Roddy: Funny Car Racing with an All-Girl Crew

05/18/02 - Dickey Wins Again at Ware Shoals

04/21/02 - Jim Dickey Wins First Draglist/SFC Event at Southern Dragway

4/14/02 - First 2002 Race at Ware Shoals Rained Out; On to Southern Dragway

Precision Tune Pre-Race Display on April 12

Cecil Roberson Wins Free SFC Membership and Benefits

Southern Fuel Coupes Banquet and Awards Presentation

Draglist.com Signs as Title Rights Sponsor of Southern Fuel Coupes!

Salute to the 2001 Southern Fuel Coupes Champion!

Draglist.com SFC Information and Features

Southern Fuel Coupes 2002 Schedule

Southern Fuel Coupes 2002 Rules

Southern Fuel Coupes 2002 Points/Member Sites

Southern Fuel Coupes Website

Draglist.com SFC Associate Sponsors

Precision Tune of Greenwood, South Carolina

Perma-Cool, The Leader in Performance Cooling

Signs by Chris - Awesome Paint and Graphics


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