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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

Smith Takes September
Texas Quick 8 Association Win

By Danny White

The monthly Pro Mod race held the second weekend of the month was a barnburner for September. Fifteen cars attempting to make the elite eight car field. 

After qualifying was over on Friday, track points leader Gaylen Smith was atop the qualifying ladder. He ran a tough 4.271, 154.72 in the Texas Bounty Hunter Camaro. In the second spot and way behind Smith was Jimmy Freeman Jr. in the Must Be Magic Chevelle with his best ever run of 4.550, 155.53. Fresh of a win in Navasota, Pat Edwards is showing that he is a solid contender with his new Beretta. He ran a 4.561, 157.43 for third. Tommy Adams got his well-traveled 69 Camaro to run a 4.590, 156.37 for fourth -- also his best ever.

Pro Mod rookie Matt Jones in the BMF 63 Corvette was fifth with a 4.651, 151.09. Last month's Pro Mod winner at Kennedale, Grant Hensley, was sixth with a 4.662, 150.05 in the G-Force Trans Am. Keith Farris was number seven in his 91 Trans Am with a 4.694, 148.54. On the bump was another Pro Mod rookie, Ronnie Niswanger, with a 4.737, 152.30 in his 67 Nova.

Alternates included Kirk Williams at number nine with a 4.878, 143.73 run in his Trans Am. Alvis "Snake" Sneed ran a best ever 4.908, 140.60 in his Camaro but was good only for number ten. Junior Herron was number eleven with a 5.235, 150.01 in his Camaro. The wild man, Chuck Poindexter, was twelfth with a 5.240, 127.83 in his blown Luv. The Steve Parts/Texas Harley Firebird of Nathan Martin could only manage a 5.678, 94.64 for number thirteen. Local Super Pro racer Russell Marr was number fourteen in his all red Cutlass with a 6.097, 81.94. Local grudge race legend Ron Curley was 15th at a breaking pass of 13.845, 27.81 in the Curley Bros. Chevelle.

Here is quick rundown on the qualifying order:

1. Gaylen Smith (DeSoto, TX) 94 Camaro, 4.271, 164.72 mph
2. Jimmy Freeman (Spring, TX) 70 Chevy, 4.550, 153.53 mph
3. Pat Edwards (Dallas, TX) 90 Beretta, 4.561, 157.43 mph
4. Tommy Adams (Carrolton, TX) 69 Camaro, 4.596, 156.37 mph
5. Matt Jones (Sanger, TX) 63 'Vette, 4.651, 151.04 mph
6. Grant Hensley (FW, TX) 92 Pontiac, 4.662, 150.05 mph
7. Keith Farris (Red Oak, TX) Chevy, 4.694, 148.54 mph
8. Ronnie Niswanger (Mart, TX) 67 Nova, 4.737, 152.60 mph


9. Kirk Williams (Dallas, TX) 98 Trans Am, 4.878, 143.73 mph
10. Alvis Sneed (Grand Prairie) 86 Camaro, 4.908, 140.60 mph
11. Douglas Herron (Balch Springs) 92 Camaro, 5.235, 150.01 mph
12. Chuck Poindexter (Lancaster) 76 Luv, 5.240, 127.83 mph
13. Nathan Martin (Kennedale) 98 Firebird, 5.678, 94.54 mph
14. Russell Marr (Mesquite) '94 Olds, 6.097, 81.94 mph
15. Ron Curley (Ft Worth) 65 Chevelle, 13.845, 27.81 mph

The first round started with Jimmy Freeman getting a holeshot over Tommy Adams. Jimmy stretched that out to a 4.564, 154.71 win to Adams' 4.733, 149.00. Keith Farris left on Matt Jones in the next race with a (.590) to Jones's (1.18). Farris was able to win with his 4.659, 150.48 to Jones better 4.521, 152.71. Grant Hensley holeshot Pat Edwards, but Edwards drove around on the big end with a 4.514, 159.01 to beat Hensley's 4.704, 148.49. Junior Herron got to race after Ronnie Niswanger broke. Herron was able to holeshot Gaylen Smith but was outrun on the big end 4.434, 146.64 to Herron's improved 4.859, 151.09.

The semifinals ended with Gaylen Smith taking on his former car, the Must Me Magic of Jimmy Freeman Jr. In the battle of blown cars, Smith left on the way late Freeman and won with a 4.412, 160.32 to Freeman's 4.623, 154.17. Keith Farris scored another upset when he beat Pat Edwards with a personal best 4.621, 152.30 to Edwards' trailing run of 5.145, 141.52.

The final would be Gaylen Smith in his blown late model Camaro taking on Keith Farris inn his nitrous Trans Am. This was Farris's first ever Pro Mod final but his lucky streak ended there. Farris was able to holeshot Smith (.471) to (.586) but Smith ran a consistent 4.424, 158.32 to Farris's 4.648, 151.91. The victory for Gaylen Smith expanded his points lead over second place Grant Hensley.

Danny White


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