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Drag Racing Picture of the Day!

NHRA National Time Trials Photo Review

By Phil R. Elliott

Frank Pedregon.
The Jim Dunn-owned K&N Filter Pontiac was in the same livery as it was in late 2002. At Phoenix, Frank Pedregon was only credited with a best of 4.943/257, but the run would have been a good one had not the engine nosed over. The sixty-foot timers read .892, and those at half-track stopped at 3.319/255.
Kennedy Racing Super Stock.
Don Kennedy's GT/DA launched hard, but went silent at the height of its wheelstand and slammed down hard.
Larry Dixon vs. Tony Schumacher.
When Miller faces the Army, whether during testing or a national event final, it's going to be a good race. Such was the case a couple times during the Phoenix event. As stated earlier, Larry Dixon had the best numbers of the weekend, but Tony Schumacher was right behind with an .849-sixty, and progressive times of 2.159, 3.088/272, 3.868 and 4.560/316.82! An excellent beginning to what the team plans on being a very good year. 
Glen Mikres lines up Bob Bode.
Glenn Mikres brought Bob Bode to the line several times but other than a couple strong short times, the runs ended early.
Paul Romine and the CarQuest digger will play in the NHRA in 2003.
John Mitchell (at the front of the car in red shirt) has now teamed with Paul Romine. Ex-Montana Express now carries Car Quest colors and the two plan on a full tour. After a pair of decent launches, then a 4.750/285 that finished in a fireball, the car responded to an .843-sixty and a clean 4.710/299.
No sniveling!
Brent Turnbull has a message for his fellow racers.
What every drag racer is, regardless of class.
Plymouth Prowler AA/AM.
John Delaughter's bright yellow Prowler AA/AM is local to Phoenix area. Blown KB sounded OK but went off song at half-track and had a finishline fireball. Aftermath looked expensive.
Red Truck.
This chopped, channeled, and lowered '55 Chevy pickup was my favorite at Phoenix. Owners Gary and Rita Glandon are from nearby Apache Junction and have equipped the low-riding truck with a Littlefield 8-71 blown, Enderle-injected, 440ci aluminum Rodeck small block! Rusty Mallet is the driver, but after a stunning wheels-up launch, the little rig broke a rearend. When this one has its bugs worked out, it'll fly.
Craig Treble Pro Stock Bike.
Craig Treble is a Phoenix resident so he brought out his Matco Suzuki. He ran several mid to high seven teens, and high 180s. Treble is #2 in the world.
Gary Scelzi broke out the Oakley Dodge Stratus.
Red Time Bomb looks to be a winner already. The car is ultra powerful, and Gary Scelzi says that not only does he fit in it well, but that the team has already jelled. Team Schumacher Oakley Dodge could be his classiest act ever. There were some aborted runs, including one that shook the car out of the groove and the chute out of its pack. But there were also short times like .904 and .907, and a best of 4.858/315. Mike Neff is the crew chief.
Rick Distefano's Pro Mod.
Rick Distefano brought this gorgeous 53 Corvette from Calgary. 
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