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Drag Racing Picture of the Day!

NHRA National Time Trials Photo Review

Text and Photos by Phil R. Elliott

Dean Skuza

The weather for the National Time Trials could not have been more pleasant. Sunny, blue skies and temperatures hovering right around 80 degrees gave the assembled Professional cars optimum conditions under which to test whatever it is they test. A couple thousand spectators enjoyed all that happened as well.

Scotty Cannon on a burnout.
Scotty Cannon's machine wore 2002 GM body while awaiting new Dodge skin. A best sixty-footer of .894 and coasting 5.74 ET have been the Oakley/Matco team's best so far, certainly a long ways from where they want to be.
Ron Capps.
Like his teammate TJ, Ron Capps had several overzealous runs, including a great .879-sixty followed by a blower bang, but only one competitive run, a 4.856, 307.65.
Corvette A/Altered.
The potent Sonny's-powered 63 Corvette A/A of Vinnie Deceglie was among a handful of Sportsman on hand to take advantage of the national event conditions.
Davis-Zook Top Fueler.
Gene Davis ran a career best 5.248/256 but it wasn't enough to earn his TF license.
C.T. Nelson Top Fueler.
CJ Nelson was another TF pilot attempting to license at Phoenix but he was unsuccessful.
Del Worsham vs. Tommy Johnson, Jr.
Del Worsham and Tommy Johnson Jr. both had troubled weekends with lots of tiresmoke. TJ finally hit a decent 4.852/317.34 late Sunday.
Larry Dixon burns out.
Larry Dixon had the best numbers of the weekend, a flawless 4.558/322.73 late Saturday (below). The Miller Lite dragster also had the most aggressive sixty-footers, an .841 and an .843, both followed by tumultuous tire smoke. Note the empty grandstands. Local drag fans missed a great, and inexpensive, show.
The world champ puts out some awesome header flames at night.
Doug Herbert wants to give away his Top Fueler.
After starting out with a literal bang Friday, Doug Herbert hit some strong sixties (.852, .847, .854 and .851) and OK 4.645/292 4.627/300 numbers. And note that some lucky fan will walk away with a turnkey Snap-on TF car at season's end.
John Patton's Foolish Money TAFC.
John Patton made several runs in Foolish Money alcohol FC - all competitive. The team was fairly happy after runs of 5.877/242 and 5.867/245, ecstatic after a 5.767/237.
John Force picked right up where he left off, running low 4.80s.
Austin Coil must have been trying several oddball things in John Force's Mustang. Car was up and down. After a tire smoker, nobody seemed happy about a .912-sixty and a 4.912/314. On other runs, the Castrol car seemed to labor. The best run was a .892-sixty and a 4.839/313. There will be a lot better passes from this team before pre-season is over.
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