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Drag Racing Picture of the Day!

NHRA National Time Trials Photo Review

By Phil R. Elliott

Dean Skuza burns out.
Dean Skuza looked strange back in GM body, but co-tuners Lance Larsen and Brian Corradi took all the changes in stride and gave him a couple decent rides. Their combo was a little soft on the bottom (.922 and .902 sixties) but came on pretty well to record decent 5.000/310.87 numbers.
Dean launches hard against Frankie P.
Steve Wood A/GS.
Steve Wood ran career best 6.90 and 6.91 ETs, then stunned even himself with a great 6.79. New cylinder heads in the A/GS entry are said to have made the difference.
The TF World Champ looked good.
As was the case in 2002, Larry Dixon Jr. was the class of the TF field.
TF Harleys are part of the NHRA show for 2003.
Top Fuel Harley racer Mark Conner made several wild rides, including swapping lanes and taking out timers. He tried two totally different bikes and ran low sevens. Cool bike. The class will be showcased at several NHRA events in 2003.
TJ burns out for the Snake.
Tommy Johnson made several attempts, finally clocked one good one.
Tony and the boss line up.
Tony Pedregon seemed to have the measure of the boss for the most part during testing. Aggressive sixties such as an .887 and .892, coupled with an ultra consistent string of 4.913/304, 4.823/300, 4.884/309 and a piston eating 4.834/291, showed that the John Medlen-led team has every intention of stepping up from their #2 position.
Vega was Dy-No-Mite.
What might look to most as a docile SG Vega is in reality a Lenco-equipped Super Eliminator entry. It runs right on the 7.90 index! Stout little car.
Whit phones home.
Whit called home after pair of great runs Saturday. His Sunday would prove to be nearly as good. Check out the split times (below) on his four runs. It would appear that the Matco Tools Dodge Stratus team is season ready. Crewchief Lee Beard told me that on the 4.82, the car was dangerously close to tirespin so he slowed everything down to try to find a happy medium for a race combo. Amazing.
.897, 2.305, 3.295/255.97, 4.117, 4.820/320.89
.896, 2.337, 3.451/252.10, 4.177, 4.886/318.92 
.910, 2.334, 3.352/250.60, 4.189, 4.902/320.66 
.897, 2.311, 3.320/252.76, 4.146, 4.856/317.94 
Then lays down Low ET and Top Speed for the funnies.
Whit and Gary Densham launch into the shadows.
Another great set of numbers came from the Automobile Club of South California Mustang driven by Gary Densham and wrenched by Jimmy Prock. Four runs showed sixties between .889 and .895, and finishing numbers of 4.911/306, 4.824/315, 4.883/306 and 4.823/317.
Cara and Anthony Schumacher man the tower.
That's Tony Schumacher's wife Cara and son Anthony playing with the Summit-site computer in the press room.
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