Cole Coonce on Speed Scene Live!

Scott “Lucky” Hudson, the co-host of the “Speed Scene Live” webcast, has gracefully invited yours truly to discuss my new collection of drag strip journalism, Top Fuel Wormhole, on his show tomorrow night.

As Hudson hisself writes, “Author and nitro junkie, Cole Coonce, on Speed Scene Live TV tomorrow talking about his great new book! Check out Top Fuel Wormhole at

Show time is: 6 pm PST, Tuesday, May 5th. To hear the show, point your browser to:

There will be call-in segments also. The number is 1-800-809-0802. Feel free to phone the show and discuss anything from The Surfers AA/Fuel Dragster to Thrust SSC‘s Mach One land speed record to “Jocko” Johnson’s streamliners to “Wild Willie” Borsch driving around opposing guardrails to “Nitro Neil” Bisciglia’s behind-the-wheel asphalt poetry to Arley Langlo’s political acts in a Top Fuel dragster…. My hope is that the tenor of the broadcast will be nitromaniacal equivalent of the nights talk jock Art Bell would shoot the cosmic bullbutter with Terence McKenna. Or thereabouts. CC

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