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Draglist.com has been on the Internet since November 1996, making us one of the longest-running drag racing sites in the world. We feature 100,000+ listings of pro, semi-pro, exhibition, and quicker sportsman drag racers from 1950 through today. We edit and update these lists continually, usually making several hundred edits and additions every week. We also feature about 10 THOUSAND original pages of information that will never go away (although we do plan to move it to this nifty new WordPress site eventually). This includes decades of stories, results, photos, and video clips. We also feature 10,000+ drag racing and auto links, free photo classifieds through our partnership with Racing Junk, great columns and features, a friendly forum, an online store, a free PC game (although it’s VERY long in the tooth), and more.

Back to the Drag Lists… these include detailed current and historic information on all the world’s pro, semi-pro, exhibition, and quicker sportsman drag racers. We provide access to separate lists for each category of race car (and we also combine them just for fun). We also RANK all the world’s racers by performance, both in the current year and throughout history (all eras). We do this by establishing the AVERAGE Elapsed Time (ET) and Speed (Miles Per Hour) for a given class in a given year, and then record where each racer in that class falls between the class record, the class average, and the class minimum (the ET and MPH that we calculate represents a ONE score on a scale of ONE to 100). Racers who fall below that line are assigned rankings between ZERO and ONE, depending on how close they get to the minimum.

WE NEED YOUR HELP! If you are a current or former drag racer, or a knowledgeable fan (even if you only know about ONE racer), please check the lists to make sure we have the right information on your efforts or the efforts of your favorites. It’s our intention to list EACH and EVERY driver and racing team who made at least ONE PASS down a drag strip in ANY of the listed categories. AND it is our intention to list these drivers for each and every car they drove, in each and every year they drove them! We are nowhere close yet, but we think we’ve got more than enough to surprise you! Click “Drag Lists” on the Black Menu bar to begin!

In addition to our drag racing lists, we have literally thousands of other pages of drag racing information for you to check out (over 10,000 pages as of today). We’ve published thousands of stories and photos and they are all still online and available. Same thing with our movie clips. We will slowly begin moving those all from our old HTML site (1996-2003) and our old Article Manager site (2003-2013) soon. But it’s gonna take a while.

You also can browse or search our list of 10,000 drag racing and automotive links. It’s huge and we have seen thousands of sites come and go in our 20 years on the web. If you see any dead links, let us know and we’ll clean ’em out. (Actually, there are quite a few and we are looking for an alternative solution to the LinksManager service we have used for years. If you have any ideas on that, let us know). Of course, you can browse or search through hundreds of classified ads provided by our partner, RacingJunk.com.

Our message board features the friendliest drag racers and fans in the sport. In fact, we insist on it! It’s a strict no flaming, no spamming board. Come on up and say hello! It’s a little sparse in these days of Facebook, but new members are always welcome.

If you get tired of browsing, download our free Match Race Madness PC game. It’s a fun two-out-of-three match racing game with drivers and racing teams taken directly from the current year Drag Racing Lists. You can set up a “fantasy car” in any class of your choice and “take on the stars.” The game is WAY old and is sort of frozen in time in 2004. Any game designers want to work with us to take a stab at updating it for the web? We have some great ideas for it. But we also have no time and some EXTREMELY outdated coding skills!

We sincerely hope you enjoy Draglist.com! Set a bookmark and come back often. We update the site daily and we sort, rank, and upload new racer lists continually. (If you see the Yellow dot in the upper left hand corner of the Drag Lists, it means we are actively re-ranking the lists. The Green dot will tell you the last time the list was updated and re-ranked).

Again, welcome and keep in touch!

Bill Pratt and Danny White

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