Hello, everyone! Here’s our contact info. We love to hear from you and we DO hear from you! We get over 1,000 emails per day at (lots of Yahoo Groups and spam included). Since we maintain full-time jobs in addition to this “overgrown hobby,” we sometimes don’t get back to you as soon as we’d like. 

If you’ve sent us an email that sort of gets buried in our inbox, please don’t be afraid to send us a reminder email. We do our best, but as you can imagine, a thousand emails a day tend to bury even week old emails under 7,000 others! For the fastest service and response, send your email to the email address shown in the following list (we have added an appropriate email subject line to each).

Note that we have changed the Desperately Seeking feature from emails to point to our message board. Click the link, register for the board, then post your search for old cars or contacts directly! We can get back to you quicker and other readers can help to answer your questions!

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For all other general correspondence: Bill Pratt or Danny White

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