2017 Santa Pod Main Event Results and Photos

The Main Event 2017

FIA/UEM European Drag Racing Championship
Round 1, 26 – 29 May 2017
Santa Pod Raceway – England
Words & Photos by Dick Parnham

The expectations at Santa Pod Raceway with a massive attendance of fans saw an action-packed bank holiday weekend of record-breaking performances right through to the 4th day of Eliminations and with first Round of Top Fuel Dragster completed it then decided to rain. This finally closed the meeting but the following details show the potential for Round 2 of the Championship.



1. Liam Jones 3.975 sec, 301 mph
2. Anita Makela 4.060 sec, 293 mph
3. Anti Horto 4.068 sec, 292 mph
4. Stig Neergaard 4.073 sec, 290 mph
5. Urs Urbacher 4.224 sec, 263 mph
6. Micke Kagered 4.230 sec, 215 mph
7. Duncan Micellef 4.262 sec, 224 mph

Liam Jones starting his third year in Top Fuel as top qualifier was first out on a bye run in 4.479 sec/ 184 mph.

Next up saw Micke Kagered hole shot over Anti Horto but Horto’s hard charge gave him a classic win in 3.974 sec / 297 mph over Micke’s 4.322 sec / 205 mph.

Duncan Micellef was first away against Anita Makela and were neck to neck throughout with Duncan just ahead in 3.997 sec / 302 mph to Anita’s 4.037 sec / 297 mph for the quickest ever European side by side 1,000 foot.

Next saw Stig Neergaard in catch up to Urs Urbacher who left first but tyre shake for Urbacher saw Stig take the win in 4.163 sec/ 272 mph to 4.548 sec / 192 mph.

After this first round of eliminations for Top Fuel with some classes just into their second round, the meeting was forced to close due to the heavy rain setting in.

Liam Jones

Anita Makela

Anti Horto

Stig Neergaard

Urs Urbacher

Micke Kagered

Duncan Micallef



1. Dennis Habermann 5.467 sec, 265 mph
2. Timo Habermann 5.484 sec, 265 mph
3. Jonny Lagg 5.840 sec, 239 mph
4. Steph Milam 6.475 sec, 217 mph
5. Rod Harrison 7.909 sec, 159 mph

Dennis Habermann & Timo Habermann



1. Steve Ashdown 4.808 sec / 188 mph
2. Kevin Kent 5.036 sec / 157 mph
3. Birgitte Bremnes 5.521 sec/ 132 mph

Steve Ashdown

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