1/08/18 Drag Racing News

The Tesla Model 3 goes drag racing Electrek
The Tesla Model 3 isn’t expected to become as popular on the drag strips as the Model S has become, but it’s still a fairly quick vehicle and apparently quicker than Tesla advertises. Now early owners are already testing it against other vehicles.

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Is motorsports racing a sport for the rich Bangor Daily News
While in Florida, we plan to go to the Don Garlits Drag Racing Museum in Ocala on Thursday. I suspect there will be plenty of photo opportunities as we view the historical pieces that Garlits has put together in five separate facilities. No way we will be able to see all in one visit. One person we hope to …

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Watch: This Tesla SUV tows a tractor trailer through the snow International Business Times UK
This makes electric cars perfect for drag racing, but going by the video, it also makes a really good towing companion for large trucks. According to the description below the video, the trailer in question was one from the United States Postal Service and was just two miles from its destination near Raleigh …

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Tesla Model 3 0-60 MPH and 1/4 Mile Real World Test, Better Than Advertised Brinkwire (press release)
Thanks to Brooks from DragTimes who owns a Model S P100D, among others, and isn’t a stranger to drag racing, we now get the first unofficial numbers. On a cold run and with no launch control, the Model 3 managed a respectable 4.9 seconds to the 60 mph mark, 12.8 seconds to 100 mph, and …

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Timo and Dennis Habermann to contest full 2018 FIA European Championship tour Dragracing Europe
… Mitsuboshi/Star Racer, Höfler Fenster, TommyWerbung, Swagelok, Fuchs Oil, Exide Batteries, Autokrandienst Habermann. The team are also proud to announce that they have a new partner in Bergheimer Stahlhallen. Speedgroup Drag Racing Magazine – order your copy online today! Travel Partner.

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