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May 25, 2000 -- I am SO late!!! We were scheduled to be on the road, towards the Outer Banks of North Carolina at NOON, no Later! But, as anyone who has written on a deadline knows, the best laid plans all go out the window when you can least afford it. I had seven new stories of the day to do, in order to meeting my commitment to you to do one every day! OF COURSE, the computer acted up all night! I love the stories and I think you will really enjoy them, but forgive me for not running them down for you here... You can read them once a day, or all at once, or pick and choose. It's up to you! Thanks again to all those who helped with photos and info for the big Dave Benjamin story (5/31). I really love it and it is PHOTO INTENSIVE! Slow to load, but worth every minute. I got to get rolling. Have a fantastic Memorial Day, my U.S. pals, and everyone else, enjoy the weekend! See ya in a week! Bill Pratt

May 24, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: 1997 Hot Rod Reunion -- The Big One That Got Away -- Dave Tuttle describes his wild return, seven years after hanging up his fire suit. Updated Draglist Links. Try our new search engine! It's at the top of each page! 

One week until we open the parts store! (This was discontinued in March 2001. bp) Why does the world need another online parts store? We want to give you the convenience of online ordering with the low prices of a superstore from friends you know and trust. We will be ready in a week! Bill Pratt

May 23, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: The Little Fueler versus the Roller Starter Fred Vosk with a whimsical tale of the first roller starter he and his fueler ever saw. Updated Draglist Links. Try our new search engine! It's at the top of each page! bp

May 22, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: Cold and Rain Squish Englishtown. The fields are set, but the racing won't happen until the weekend after Indy. PLUS! Phil Elliott has provided photos to go with yesterday's story by Dave Benjamin! Updated Draglist Links.

The coolest thing to report today is that I got our new search engine working! It will appear at the top of each page at The Be Seen search engine provides a complete index of our more than 300 pages of info, plus it gives you access to the rest of the world wide web, too! Give it a try! You will like it! bp

May 21, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: Nasty Dave's Weekend in San Antonio. Funny Car innovator Dave Benjamin recalls a memorable AHRA Nationals. Updated Draglist Links. bp

Englishtown Corporate Suite Seating Still Available. We can still do the "will call" window for Sunday. We still have Corporate Suite tickets for Sunday, May 21, at the NHRA MATCO Tools Spring Supernationals in Englishtown, New Jersey. If you can afford to fly first class, this is the way to go. Food, beer, and soft drinks are covered. As a special treat, several top professional NHRA drivers will visit the suite to say hello and sign autographs. Last day! Email us for more information.

May 20, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: Jim Nicoll, Mad Dog, and the Wet Chutes. Big Gene Townley with a great story about the stubbornness of drag racers. Updated Draglist Links. Bye! bp

May 19, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: Swimming at the Pond in the Sixties. Top Gas racer Billy Scott with a funny story of going from the beach to the drags and back to the beach within four hours. Check out yesterday's US Pro Stock Open story for a great shot of that nitrous backfire by Greg Gage. Of course, we've updated the Draglist Links. See ya! bp

May 18, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: 26th Annual US Pro Stock Open Results. Lewis Bloom and I announced this classic independent drag race again last night and it was great. I have provided full results with only a few hour delay! Now the NHRA Pro Stock gang heads up to Englishtown for the big race. New Draglist Links, too. Time for a few hours' sleep before the day job! Bye! bp

May 17, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: John Force Victory by the Numbers. The loquacious one is just one victory away from tying Bob Glidden's once-insurmountable NHRA national event wins total.'s Christi Lewien hit the wires with enough John Force stats to satisfy even the most hard core Force fan! Of course, updated Draglist, too.

May 16, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: "The Father of the GTO" Vs. "The Outlaw". New friend Tom Pitton contributes a terrific story out of the blue! Thanks, Tom! I would love to see a new story from EVERYONE! New Draglist Links, too.

May 15, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: Nitro Motor, Nostalgia Style, Jim Burke explains how to build a bullet proof fuel motor. Updated Draglist Links.

May 14, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: Bill O'Neal goes from sand dragster to off roader in one easy step. Happy Mother's Day, moms!

May 13, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: Side by Side at 300 MPH - Ron Dilley describes the first side by side 300 mph Top Fuel pass. Updated Draglist Links.

May 12, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: More Memories of John Wenderski by Dave Wallace. Updated Draglist Links.

May 11, 2000 -- Story of the Day: Jim Dunn Celebrates 50 Years in Drag Racing at Englishtown. Updated Draglist Links.

May 10, 2000 -- Story of the Day: Pat Foster recalls a match race at a DARK drag strip. Updated Draglist Links.

May 9, 2000 -- Story of the Day: James Morgan describes Epping's opening show for 2000. Updated Draglist Links.

May 8, 2000 -- Story of the Day: NHRA results from Atlanta.

May 7, 2000 -- Story of the Day: Pat Foster with memories of TF racer John Wenderski. New (old) Dornbos Reviews: Doug's review of the 1998 IHRA Northern Nationals. New Draglist Links. Have a nice Sunday! bp

May 6, 2000 -- Yo! Drag Racing Story of the Day has New England photog James Morgan remembering the great Boston Strangler alky funny car team. New Draglist Links, natch! We are off to announce the Junior Dragster Open at MIR tomorrow. See you there! bp

May 5, 2000 -- Greetings. I am taking a night off! New Aussie friend Rachel Ratliff wonders if pro drag racers are becoming too much like Formula 1 drivers in the Draglist Story of the Day. We have new Draglist Links, too. Time for a nice drink and early to bed! bp

May 4, 2000 -- Howdy! Ralph "Gonzo" Crosby provides a hilarious installment of the Tommy  Joe Cauldwell adventures for our Draglist. We have updated Draglist, too. Our banners are rotating nicely! Now we need YOUR business to join us! After two straight all nighters (well, OK, I snuck in about two hours' sleep each night), I am crashing early at 3:00 AM this morning! Talk to you tomorrow! bp

May 3, 2000 -- Hi, gang. Bruce Mullins provides our Draglist Story of the Day by describing his weekend at the NHRA Virginia Nationals in his own words. We also have ALL our banner ads working! I stayed up all night on Monday to try to get them to work. I did it again last night and finally -- success! is working great so far and I am hopeful we have found a permanent solution. We are hard at work on new list updates, so look for those soon. See ya! bp

May 2, 2000 -- Howdy! Bill Ott provides a nice Story of the Day with his own take on Bruce Larson's USA-1 Dragfest. Check it out. We have new Draglist Links, too. Most importantly, OUR BANNER ADS WORK AGAIN! I had to go to a totally new provider -- A few things will change in the way the banners are managed. I will provide that info as we go forward. For today, however, the banners all appear in the correct order and they all click back to the appropriate pages. Talk to you soon! bp

May 1, 2000 -- Happy May, everyone! Our Drag Racing Story of the Day consists of the complete results of the NHRA race at Richmond this weekend. Thanks to all the people who wrote with words of support on my "pit notes." I appreciate it. 

Oh, another thing -- WE HAVE UPDATED LISTS!!! Yes, we finally got the lists processed and up on the net. They are all fresh, except that this being drag racing, they are already obsolete! That's the nature of the beast, I guess. If you sent a recent update and it is not in the lists yet, you can be sure we are working on it. Don't be afraid to drop us another line, however, just to be safe. 

We still don't have the banner ads working right, and that calls for drastic action. I intend to write off the money spent on the current solution and find something better, with a target of tonight.

Thanks to Bruce and Pattie Mullins and the crew for their hospitality this weekend. See you all later! bp


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