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April 30, 2000 -- Hey, I finally did a Drag Racing Story of the Day by myself! Check out our adventures at Virginia Motorsports Park during qualifying at the NHRA Nationals. We had a blast. We are back home on Sunday and we have several BIG tasks to tackle, including our banner ad problems and getting the Drag Lists updated. Talk to you soon! bp

April 29, 2000 -- New Story of the Day and Draglist Links. I will be hitting Richmond at about 1pm today. See you down there. My brother Tim, my son Jason, and I will be bouncing between Bruce Mullins' pit and the pro rounds. I'll be the big dude with shades and the black cap. Don't even THINK about not stopping me to say hello if you see me! Bill 

April 28, 2000 -- New Story of the Day and Draglist. Ron Dilley provides some early notes from the NHRA race in Richmond. I plan to be there this weekend, at least for Saturday. If you are going, I will be somewhere around Bruce Mullins' trailer. Hope to see you there! Bill 

April 27, 2000 -- New Story of the Day and Draglist. We made more progress on the banner ads today. They no longer point to the banner software manufacturer, but they point back to us! We will have this ironed out this week. And remember, April is FREE for all banner advertisers while we get this fixed. Thanks again for your patience! Bill 

April 26, 2000 -- New Story of the Day and Draglist.

April 25, 2000 -- New Story of the Day and Draglist Links.

April 24, 2000 -- Hi, everyone. Hope you all had a peaceful and restful Easter holiday on Sunday. I sure did. Paul Graham is hard at work on getting our banner ads back up. I am hopeful we will be back on track for tomorrow. We did not get the Drag Lists updated this weekend, but will have them in a day or two. We do have a new Story of the Day and Draglist. Enjoy! bp

April 23, 2000 -- Happy Easter, everyone. We have a new Story of the Day and lots of new Draglist. We did not get the Drag Lists done today. We will sneak a few hours in on Sunday to get that done. Hope you have a peaceful and happy holiday. bp

April 22, 2000 -- New Story of the Day and Draglist. We also have begun to offer Drag Racing Yesteryear Videos in ALL video formats, including PAL, PAL-M, and SECAM! Our overseas friends will appreciate that. Check out the new tape format options on the R/R Video page. We are still working on the links and will have them up as soon as we can. bp

April 21, 2000 -- Howdy! We have a new Story of the Day, an updated Heads Up Drag Racing Calendar, new Draglist, and an updated Desperately Seeking section. We also added some Greg Gage photos to our coverage of Bruce Larson's USA-1 Dragfest. Check it out! Paul Graham should have our banner ads working sometime today. Advertisers, we are going to extend your banners for twice the amount of time they were down! Thanks for your patience! PLUS: UPDATED Drag ListS THIS WEEKEND! bp

April 20, 2000 -- Hello again. We have a new Story of the Day. Fresh Draglist, too. I hope you are feeling the effects of our brand, spanking new dedicated server! pages should be loading about 30 percent faster! Paul Graham is still working on our banner ads. He said he will have them working by Friday, 4/21. Remember, we are going to extend all our advertisers for twice the amount of time their banners were down! Thanks for your patience! Oh yeah, one more thing -- WE WILL HAVE UPDATED DRAG LISTS THIS WEEKEND!

April 19, 2000 -- Hi gang. Check out our new Story of the Day. Fresh Draglist Links, too. Paul Graham is still working on our banner ads. I hope to have them up and rolling by today. Of course, whatever time we have been down, we will extend all our advertisers for twice that time. Thanks for your patience! Bill

April 17 & 18, 2000 -- Hello gang. Holy cow, what a whirlwind of activity! Sunday found my brother Tim and I at MIR's Pro Challenge. The Saturday qualifying portion of the race had been rained out, so Royce Miller decided to hold the ENTIRE qualifying and eliminations portion on Sunday. I talked for 13 hours straight (and my voice shows it). We also had fun hanging out with fellow announcer Jerry Daisey, and racing pals Johnny Rocca and Troy Critchley, and the New Generation Racing Team of Rick, Matt, and Robin Stambaugh and the gang. Unfortunately, since I was at Bruce Larson's place all Saturday and at MIR all Sunday, I couldn't work help in our conversion to the new dedicated server here at Martel Bros. Performance and Don Wilshe worked hard to get our email working again yesterday, and Paul Graham is hard at work on our banner ads today. Advertisers, we are going to extend all your banners for double the time we were down at no charge. Check out new Stories of the Day for 4/17 and 4/18. My personal congratulations to Bob Gilbertson and Robin Judd, two first time winners in NHRA Funny Car and ANDRA Top Doorslammer. I love the underdogs!!! See ya soon. bp

April 16, 2000 -- The USA-1 Nostalgia Dragfest was a blast! Read more about it in our Story of the Day! bp 

April 15, 2000 -- Don Wilshe and the Martel Bros. have placed us on a new high speed, dedicated server! My apologies for not having an updated Story of the Day for 4/14 while Network Solutions pointed us to the new box. The story was done, but it was stuck in limbo between the old server and the new. It's a good one, so check it out a day late! Of course, we have a highly entertaining Story of the Day for 4/15, too! Bill O'Neal tells a priceless tale of Mickey Thompson's exploits as an off-road racer.

My apologies to my advertisers for the glitch that is preventing their ads from displaying today. We are working on it and all banner ads will be extended for DOUBLE the time that they have been "off the air." 

While everyone else sweats tax day, Greg Gage, bro Tim, and I will be traveling to the USA-1 Nostalgia Dragfest at Bruce Larson's house. Hope to see you there! Bill

April 12, 13, 14, 2000 -- A new Story of the Day and Draglist Link updates.

April 11, 2000 -- We don't discriminate at -- so we have coverage of this past weekend's inaugural NHRA race at Las Vegas to go with yesterday's IHRA coverage. Check out the Story of the Day for details! 

We also have brand new lists in the house! I just went through and did a dupe search and checked them for accuracy. I need to format them and get them up on the site. That should happen tomorrow night.

Hope you can come to the 3rd annual USA-1 Dragfest at Bruce Larson's place this weekend, Saturday, April 15. Click here for more info! bp

April 10, 2000 -- Our Drag Racing Story of the Day is Larry Sullivan's coverage if the record breaking IHRA Holley Spring Nationals from Rockingham, NC. Also, check out our new Sponsors page! You can find all our sponsors' banner advertisements in one place! bp

April 9, 2000 -- Doug Dornbos tells about his first drag race in the Drag Racing Story of the Day. Bill

April 8, 2000 -- Jim Hill Jim Hill explains what it was like to work in a timing tower before the advent of the Compulink and TSI timing systems in the Drag Racing Story of the Day about Chrondek Timers. Bill

April 7, 2000 -- Robb Lowe entertains us with commentary on his choice for Digger of the Century as the Drag Racing Story of the Day.

April 6, 2000 -- Good Dad! Good Dad! I finished Jason's Junior Dragster Debut story early this morning. Please share our day of pride and joy. We had a blast and I would encourage all parents who have a chance to give this a try with their kids. I am going to wrap this up quickly in order to get a few hours of sleep. Look for new List updates this weekend! Bill

April 5, 2000 -- Well, bad Dad! I still don't have Jason's Junior Dragster story done, but at least it is HALF done! Today we hear from Pat "Ma" Green, who relates what a zoo the first AHRA Grand American Race at Fremont was! Greg Gage sent some good photos of Jason yesterday and we have some that we took. The story WILL be up tomorrow! Thanks and see you soon. (We have updated Links, too...) Bill

April 4, 2000 -- Hi everyone. Just a quick one and I'm off to work. The body said "sleep" instead of "work" last night, so I missed Jason's Junior Dragster story again. In its place is a follow up piece on New England's roller starters by Top Fuel racer Don Roberts. See James Morgan's Story of the Day for 4/02 before you read this... Bill

April 3, 2000 - A funny thing happened on the way to the site update... We got brand new info from Danny White today. I thought that would be a good time to refresh the look of the site with some ideas I have been rolling around. UNFORTUNATELY... the implementation of these ideas took all my time and I haven't done the updates yet! If you think THAT'S bad, I didn't get to write the story on my son Jason's Junior Dragster outing on Saturday, either. In its place will be a neat funny car story by King Camaro racer Fred Totten. I will grab another Drag Racing Story of the Day to use. Hope you like the new layout, at least! We will have new info to go with it sometime this week! See ya! Bill Pratt

April 2, 2000 -- We had a fantastic day at the drags yesterday! Jason had a ball driving a Junior Dragster. Tom Putnam was great and the whole experience was super (except, of course, a first round loss...) I was so proud of my son on his first day of driving ANYTHING containing a motor... I was going to do the Drag Racing Story of the Day on it today, but I slept late and ran out of time. SO... we have James Morgan with a great memory of roller starters for your enjoyment (albeit a little late in the day)... I will have Jason's story up tonight. See ya! bp

April 1, 2000 -- David Ray with a great Drag Racing Story of the Day. He and TV Tommy Ivo in a good, old, two out of three, Funny Car versus Top Fuel match race! Plus Draglist updates and more.

We have a special announcement for April 1, 2000! My son Jason is going to take his first ride in a Junior Dragster today. Tom Putnam builds terrific Junior Dragsters and he has a program where you can rent a car for a day and get all the instruction and safety equipment your kid needs to get in and get started safely. Tom also sponsors Check him out at Putnam Race Cars. We are all piling in the car to go down and join Jason in his first day of competition. Thanks to Greg Gage of Greg Gage Photography, who has volunteered to be there to take action shots of Jason's big day.


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