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Bob's Berserko Lounge

"It's Weird!"

Crazy drag racing stories by the inimitable "Berserko Bob" Doerrer.

08/12/02 - Jeg Coughlin: It's Been a Long Time

07/29/02 - Dodger Glenn, Funny Car Star

07/26/02 - First Annual Funny Car Reunion This Weekend!

07/22/02 - Jungle Jim and Shirley Muldowney in 1975

07/17/02 - Funny Car Reunion Special Awards Announced!

07/15/02 - Funny Car Wheelies: Trojan Horse vs. Speed Racer!

07/08/02 - 32 Funny Cars at Englishtown!

07/01/02 - Dale Pulde in the War Eagle Dodge Challenger F/C

06/24/02 - Dave Sano's Amazing Funny Car Fire Burnout

06/10/02 - Bob Rosetty's Rollin' Stoned Cuda Funny Car

06/03/02 - Lee Shepherd in the Reher-Morrison Camaro P/S

05/27/02 - Jungle! Jungle! Jungle! Three Jim Liberman Shots

05/20/02 - The Grump and Dyno Kick Start Match Race Pro Stock

05/14/02 - Doug Herbert RaceDay 2002: Nitro and the "Big Bang"

05/13/02 - Don Garlits and Art Malone Team Up

05/06/02 - Paul Blevins' Pro Stock Chevy Vega

04/29/02 - PF Flyer: Pat Foster in the Barry Setzer Vega F/C

04/22/02 - The Jungle Jim Show: Funny Cars AND Fuelers

04/15/02 - Dale Creasy vs. the Cassidy Bros. at E-Town

04/08/02 - Jake Crimmins' Mustang II Fuel Funny Car

04/01/02 - Jim Adolph and the Shady Glenn Fuel Funny Car

03/28/02 - Jungle Jim Liberman: Photographs and Memories

03/25/02 - Mickey Thompson's US Marines Grand Am Funny Car

03/21/02 - Jim of the Jungle - Liberman at the '72 SuperNats

03/18/02 - NHRA's Bob Frey Caught Trying To Steal A Funny Car!

03/11/02 - Gary Densham's "Teacher's Pet" Dodge Challenger F/C

03/04/02 - "Rocket Man" Sammy Miller

02/25/02 - Jungle Jim Liberman - The Start of Something Big

02/21/02 - First Annual Funny Car Reunion, July 28, 2002

02/18/02 - The First "Miss" Winston

02/11/02 - T-Bone Special: Jet Dragster T-Bones Nitro F/C!

02/04/02 - Tim Grose and his Vortex Spoiler

01/28/02 - The Amazing 1/2 Scale, Hemi Powered, Nitro Burning 1937 Dodge Pro-Mod Street Machine

01/21/02 - Top Nude Dragster: What A Guy Won't Do To Win $100

01/13/02 - Berserko Bob - Jet Car Flag Starter


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