Draglist.com Story Photos for 2001 by Various Photographers

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Bodnerchuck Racing puts this outrageous Dodge Daytona on the track. Photo thanks to Jay Mageau

Boris Murray is wheels up and smokin' 'em at Bowling Green, 1971. Photo thanks to Boris Murray

Boris Murray was part of the killer fuel scene at Lions Drag Strip. Photo thanks to Boris Murray

Bowtie Bob lights 'em up. Photo by Jamie Bardoni

Brad Jeter and John Nobile hook up in a qualifying battle. Photo by Tim Pratt

Brad Jeter had Steve Schmidt's Southern Rod and Parts Grand Am ready to face WJ in the first round. Photo by TIm Pratt

Brendan Murry won the 1998 Good Guys race using the motor described in this article. Photo thanks to Brendan Murry. Reprinted by permission of Jim Burke

Brian Gahm's new Mustang was low qualifier. Photo by Tim Pratt

Bruce Mullins can't wait to get back into the cockpit of the War Horse. Photo by Greg Gage

Bruce Mullins is solidly in the 5.80s, but will that be enough in NHRA Division 1. Photo by Greg Gage

Bruce's legendary cars include his 289 Cobra and his '70s Corvette FC. Photo by Stephen Jones

Bud Faubel sits behind the wheel of his car, the 'Honker.' Photo by Greg Gage

Bunny Burkett had a great day at the MIR Pro Challenge, recording a super 6.02@233. Photo by Tim Pratt

Caddo Mills was wide open! Photo by David Ray

Caddo Mills, August 1960. Photo by David Ray

Canadian Al Billes runs hard in North America with a Murray Anderson Studebaker. Photo by Roger Richards

Carol and Carol (Bunny Burkett and Carol Henson). Photo by Tim Pratt

Charlie Gambino and Bob White led qualifying, but both lost to first round upsets. Photo by Tim Pratt

Charlie Gambino did double duty, driving his Godfather altered and Ed Parker's Cape Codder funny car. Photo by Tim Pratt

Chris Krajewski in the Randy Delano '41 Willys faces Tommy Howes. Photo by Tim Pratt

Chris, Kyle, and Shirley Muldowney at Richmond. Photo by Bill Ott

Christon Gerber's nostalgia fueler is a dream come true. Photo by Christon Gerber

Christon hopes to trade the front yard for the starting line soon. Photo by Christon Gerber

Chuck Pacini shows Ron Burch what it's like on the other side of the camera. Photo by Ron Burch Racing Photos

Cindy Crawford gets lots of support from her family and offers lots of support to the Lupus organization. Photo thanks to Cindy

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