Draglist.com Story Photos for 2001 by Various Photographers

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Mr. Norm's Grand Spaulding Dodge takes on Tommy McNeely at Phenix City. Photo by Jerry Battle

Murray Anderson steers the Victor Bray machine (they ARE right hand drive, you know...) Photo by John Baremans

Murray Anderson was inspired to create race cars by viewing Don Garlits' dragster. Photo by Murray Anderson

Name the strip -- number one. Photo by Ed O'Connell

Name the strip -- number three. Photo by Ed O'Connell

Name the strip -- number two. Photo by Ed O'Connell

Neal Parker's Excavator Fiat took the measure of the Frantic Four Dragster-Altered program, defeating Phil Soucy in the final. Photo by Tim Pratt

Nostalgia funny cars will be the only way to go in 2002. Here Jay's '57 takes on an immaculate '55 T-Bird. Photo thanks to Jay Mageau

Nothing like Top Fuel Dragsters in the early spring. Photo from the Hemi Hunter archives

Pat Foster in the seat. Photo by Zak Hawthorne

Paul Rocco's Saturn was definitely not your average Pro Mod. Photo by Tim Pratt

Perhaps the most famous Murray Anderson customers of all are Fred Hahn and Jim Oddy. Photo by Steve Embling

Pete Robinson's infamous jack start car. Photo from the Crane Cams catalog

Peter Kapiris' Anderson-built Studebaker is the world's fastest non-nitro door car at 6.07. Photo by John Gall

Peter Kapiris is now the world's quickest Studebaker and the Aussie Top Doorslammer record holder. Photo by Luke Nieuwhof

Phil Adams (far lane) and William Proctor line up during Frantic Four qualifying. Adams went on to win the event. Photo by Tim Pratt

Pure Hell vs Pure Heaven at the CHRR. Photo by Zak Hawthorne

Pushin' down from the top end... Photo by Zak Hawthorne

Recreating the days of factory experimental stock cars and a flag man. Photo by Greg Gage

Rich and Al Hanna put on a great show, but Rich took the match easily. Photo by Tim Pratt

Rickie Smith was out putting Kenny Koretsky's Camaro through its paces. Photo by Tim Pratt

Robin Judd's Anderson-built Studebaker was the world's quickest for a time at 6.17. Photo by John Baremans

Rocky Pirrone makes his first official burnout in the Nitro Charger. Photo thanks to Rocky Pirrone

Rocky Pirrone's Nitro Charger in the pits. Photo thanks to Rocky Pirrone

Rocky's machine is a period correct work of art. Photo thanks to Rocky Pirrone

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