Draglist.com Story Photos for 2001 by Various Photographers

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John was especially taken with 'those Indian guys' -- Johnny Rocca and Paul Athey. Photo by Brian Wood

Johnson versus Johnson, Allen versus Kurt. Photo by Tim Pratt

Jonathan Jones points out the Draglist decal on Bunny Burkett's machine. Photo by Tim Pratt

Kapiris was all smiles after the pass. Photo by Luke Nieuwhof

KC Jones and Ernie Bouge face off in a second round match up. Photo by Tim Pratt

Kim gets BIG flames at the hit! Photo by Alan Rasmussen

Kim Reymond launches hard in his quest to take the FIA championship back to Denmark. Photo by Alan Rasmussen

Kurt Johnson qualified 2nd with a great 6.865. The day HAD been sunny! Photo by Tim Pratt

Leaving E-Town after a great day. Photo by Bill Ott

Leroy Dewdney meets Bill Naves before rain canceled things. Photo by Tim Pratt

LeRoy Dewdney's Pure Insanity with Tommy Howes looking on in the background. Photo by Tim Pratt

Lines of exquisite vintage drag and hot rod machinery kept the Charlestown Dragway fans enthralled. Photo by Bill Ott

Local racers Jim and Tammy Medley acquitted themselves well with the Jet Stream entry. Photo by Tim Pratt

Looks like the Honker got the holeshot! Photo by Stephen Jones

Machines like Wendel Douthat's Funny Bike will soon have their own lists at draglist.com. Photo by Matt Polito

Marc Hayes' tangerine Monte Carlo made the show, but Ed Burnley's Predator did not. Photo by Tim Pratt

Mark Mackay showed terrific sportsmanship in losing second round to Krystal Ecclestone Saturday night. Photo thanks to Mark Mackay

Mark Pullen and Johnny Foltz line up in a Frantic Four qualifying heat. Photo by Tim Pratt

Martin Hill rockets off into the distance in November. Hill recently became the first five second jet outside the United States. Photo by Anni Valder

Mike and Jerami Preslar are ready to hit the strip for 2001 with their immaculate Corvette Funny Car. Photo thanks to Jerami Preslar

Mike Boyd did Willie Borsch and Mousie proud in the Winged Express. Photo by Zak Hawthorne

Mike Mahon's Jaguar is ready to hit the strip for 2001

Mike Thomas vs. Jim Yates. Photo by Tim Pratt

Mike Yohn -- who crews on Bruce Mullins's Funny Car -- was on hand with his mouse motored AMC Gremlin. Photo by Tim Pratt

Mike Yohn of the Bruce Mullins FC team meets Lugnut, the new MIR mascot. Photo by Tim Pratt

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