Draglist.com Story Photos for 2001 by Various Photographers

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Gerry Thalacker made a rare trip north with his Firebird. Photo by Tim Pratt

Grant Downing gets ready for his licensing pass. Photo by Connie Worsham

Grant Downing's Paralax machine is the latest entry on the fuel funny car scene.

Greg Beckner keeps hope alive for all the pure Chevy fans. Photo by Tim Pratt

Hands On Flying. Photo by Bill Ott

Here are the guys who work hard to bring us the USA-1 Dragfest every year, Dick Gerwer, Bruce Larson, and Dave Heisey. Photo by Greg Gage

Here is Bruce Larson and your humble photographer, Greg Gage

Here's a shot of the other side of the barn. Nostalgia drag fans had a blast. Photo by Stephen Jones

Here's the driver's view inside the Skoal Bandit. Photo thanks to Eric Morrison

Here's the number on the boards, second only to Bill Kuhlmann's nitro-fed 6.00. Photo by Luke Nieuwhof

Here's the USA-1 Hall of Fame, showing Bruce's winning NHRA checks and the banner from the first Dragfest, signed by all in attendance. Photo by Stephen Jones

How the Surfers Got 'Started.' Pencil art by Chris Stinson

How the Surfers got 'started.' Photo by Paul Hutchins

Howard Haight made the big show at Pomona and will try to tame the wild beast during 2001. Photo by Auto Imagery

In the modern world of ultra modern rigs and corporate displays, the Lagana fuel team does it even older than the old way! Photographer unknown

Is this really Tommy McNeely's big experiment or is that RaceCarArt guy just puttin' us on... Photo supplied by Joel Naprstek

Jessica Willard drove Al Hanna's Queen of Hearts entry to three straight wins. Photo by Tim Pratt

Jet Car Bob Smith was on hand. Photo by Zak Hawthorne

Jim Libby launches his awesome Camaro alky burner. He needs a wild name and tour to race on! Photo by James Morgan

Jim Murphy's most recent vintage Top Fueler features a high windscreen that protects him from potential fires. Photo by Tom West

Joe Jacoco's Buick Lynwood dragster. Photo by Joe Monitzor

Joel Naprstek was promoting the Stock-Super Stock-FX Mailing List at Bruce Larson's USA-1 Dragfest. Flyer by Joel Naprstek

John Force checks out the Pro Mod action at Gainesville. Photo by Brian Wood

John Nobile's machines always look and run great. This one's no different. Photo by Tim Pratt

John Spradlin has lots of fun with his nostalgia digger at the bracket races. Photo thanks to John Spradlin

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