Draglist.com Story Photos for 2001 by Various Photographers

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Tommy McNeely took the Fugitive show just about anywhere, including a KMart parking lot! Photo thanks to Tommy McNeely

Tony and Diane's Challenger Funny Car with former owner Ron Walsh at the wheel. Photographer unknown

Tony Gillig and Tom Martino both qualified on this pass. Photo by Tim Pratt

TV Tommy's said his first ride was just as exciting as this one! Photo by Paul Sadler

Under the watchful eye of Dick Rosberg, Ernie Bouge did everything right and earned his Jet Dragster license upgrade. Photo by Tim Pratt

US Class Nationals 2001

Vern Anderson installs the canard wings on the American Dream rocket dragster in 1973. Photo thanks to Ron Johnson

Victor Bray and Peter Kapiris stage before the record run. Photo by David Loye

Victor Bray's Anderson built rides have won every Top Doorslammer title since the category's inception. Photo by John Baremans

Warren Johnson versus Rickie Smith in qualifying. Photo by Tim Pratt

We have all be here before, whether as driver, crewmember, photographer, reporter or spectator. Photo by Zak Hawthorne

We've seen many pics of these cars lined up, but this one shows the sides and just how nice they are. Photo by Stephen Jones

WOW - Another boss bike. Photo by Tim Pratt

WOW - Another exquisite motorcycle. Photo by Tim Pratt

WOW - Bikes were well represented. Photo by Tim Pratt

WOW - Check out this bicycle. Looks like something from Walt Disney's Cinderella. Photo by Tim Pratt

WOW - Check out THIS wild Studebaker. Photo by Tim Pratt

WOW - Clean little '33 Willys was there. You don't realize how short these cars are until you see one up close. Photo by Tim Pratt

WOW - Emily and Jason ham it up in front of a nice '40 Ford. Photo by Tim Pratt

WOW - Here's a nice pickup. Photo by Tim Pratt

WOW - How about a Hummer limousine. Jason seems unimpressed. Photo by TIm Pratt

WOW - Injected, Chevy powered Ford Ranger was the Best in Show, by our standards. Photo by TIm Pratt

WOW - It's becoming clear that we should have taken better notes. Looks like a Phaeton of some sort. Can you name it. Photo by Tim Pratt

WOW - Jason and Emily Pratt put the squeeze on two time IHRA Top Fuel World Champion Paul Romine. Photo by TIm Pratt

WOW - Johnny Rocca's Mohegan Sun Mercury Pro Mod was there, but no sign of Johnny or driver Paull Athey. Photo by Tim Pratt

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